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The chapter is called "Lynn's Addiction."

Sergeant Graham records a video where he states that he doesn't want to kill innocent people. He reveals all of the evil things Agent Odell made the ASA do.

Jennifer reveals to Jefferson that Odell gave her a phone and that she helped the ASA fight the Markovians. She admits that she blew up the Markovia data center. Jefferson thinks he needs to be dealt with, but not be killed.

Jefferson tells Brandon to stay away and not date his daughter.

Anissa and Grace are making out in a barn. She has deduced her shifting powers stem from abandonment issues. Grace wants Anissa to take her back inside Freeland.

Gambi asks Lynn to give him the metahuman stabilization cure to help T.C. Gambi reveals that he was the one who put T.C. in the pod. Lynn asks Gambi to use the computer system to check on the kids in The Pit.

Agent Odell chastises his Major for failing to stop the uprising and prevent Jennifer from switching sides. A plan is made to use Tobias' bone marrow to stabilize and weaponize the metahumans.

Lynn contacts Sergeant Graham to get the bag she left behind. He reveals that Dr. Blair attempted to recreate the cure, but he killed three kids in the process. Lynn ingests more Green Light from her bag.

Lala oversees a shipment from Devonte; he pushes him to keep his wits together as the ASA fights for control. There's a new threat looming on the streets.

Gambi administers the cure to T.C. Jefferson reaches out to Gambi about getting revenge on Odell for using Jennifer.

Lynn has developed a serum that could temporarily give someone metahuman powers. Lynn plans to take the serum, but Graham agrees to be the test subject.

Lynn applies Chameleon's powers to the serum. Graham starts to experience the invisibility powers almost immediately. The booster effect lasted about an hour; Graham survived the attack.

Lynn's mission is to get Tobias out of The Pit. She has a cloaking device, but the serum is to get Tobias out. Graham will help in her mission.

Brandon wants to help Jennifer in her mission against Tobias.

T.C. shows that Lady Eve organized the hit against Gambi. The hit was taken out more than a year ago.

Black Lightning and Thunder ambush an ASA convoy to grab Agent Odell. They hold him as a prisoner in a secure location and plan to torture him. But, it's all a ploy to keep his voice recognition.

Black Lightning shocks Agent Odell as retribution for manipulating Jennifer.

The ASA sends Painkiller to find Agent Odell and kill the Pierce family.

Jennifer takes Brandon to the lab to grab her suit; he learns about her family's secret identities. Jennifer finds a surveillance feed to Odell as a prisoner. Brandon comes up with the alter-ego, "Geo."

Devonte visits the rival business and records the unsuspecting guests at the brothel. Lady Eve is revealed to be the owner of the business.

Gambi creates a simulation of Agent Odell to fool the ASA into retreating from Freeland. Unfortunately, the ASA and Painkiller ambush the safe house and start attacking.

Lynn administers Chameleon's powers to Tobias.

Black Lightning and Thunder fight Painkiller. Before they're able to defeat him, Lightning holds them back with her powers to ask Khalil questions. He refuses to speak and the ASA uses the distraction to free Odell. Black Lightning knocks out Painkiller.

Lala and Devonte visit The Ultimate O to see Lady Eve. Lala wants to take full control of Lady Eve's business; she initially rejects his offer, but she plays along when he threatens to kill everyone.

T.C. uses his powers to look into Painkiller's mind. He admits that he loves Jennifer.

Gambi's tracking reveals that Agent Odell has left the barrier; possibly heading back to Gotham City. Jennifer is mad at Anissa and Jefferson for not telling her that Khalil was alive.

Tobias tries hitting Lynn, but she has injected Erica's powers into herself; she knocks him out. Lynn and Graham place Tobias in their truck, but the Markovians knock them out and kidnap them all.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Jefferson: So, you feel like this is our fault?
Jennifer: No, I don’t. But, they’re growing everyday and it’s painful. I love you and Mom, but you made me feel like some sort of freak who had to be locked up all the time. And Odell, he made me feel special. I know this sounds crazy, but he set me free in ways I never could’ve imaged. He took me to space, Dad. I’ve been to space!

Lynn: If this meta-booster works, I can temporarily augment normal cells transferred to a particular metahuman profile.
Sergeant Grayle: That’s unbelievable! Everyone can have powers.
Lynn: Temporarily. If it works, I can sneak Tobias out, but I have to test it out on myself to be certain.
Sergeant Grayle: No. You’re too important. What if something goes wrong? I’ll do it.