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Gambi points a gun at Dr. Jace and states if he had killed her, the Markovia war would've been avoided. She claims to have been a prisoner; she tells him about Gravedigger.

Jefferson gives Major Grey and Agent Odell the rundown of their mission in Markovia. Major Grey reveals that the Markovians have Freeland surrounded.

Agent Odell pardons everyone and cleanses the files of everyone involved in the Markovian mission, including Dr. Jace. Jefferson asks Odell for help in tracking down information on Gravedigger.

Anissa creates an ice bath to help with Jennifer's soreness. Anissa warns her of the danger of Painkiller; she doesn't think Khalil can protect her.

Devonte doubts the money that Lady Eve has for Lala. Lady Eve offers Devonte a free night of pleasure at her club as a gift for him. The girls spike his drink.

T.C. confirms that Khalil's firewall is holding up in his mind. Gambi gives Khalil a new paint and sketch set to keep his mind off his PTSD. Khalil rejects the idea; Gambi wants him to meet Perenna once the occupation is over. In Khalil's mind, Painkiller is trying to break free.

Lynn feels lightheaded and going through withdrawals from the drugs. She apologizes to Jefferson about how she acted towards him.

Jennifer cautions Brandon against getting revenge on Dr. Jace. He just wants to talk to her.

Lady Eva secretly records Devonte spilling secrets to one of Lady Eve's girls.

Lynn lashes out at Anissa due to the withdrawals; she feels bad for her reaction. After Anissa leaves, she finds a stash of Green Light underneath one of the drawers.

Jefferson wants Anissa and Jennifer to join in helping protect Freeland against the Markovians. Lynn didn't take the pills and instead gives them to the family, admitting her weakness; Jennifer destroys the pills. Anissa thinks that Grace is the one.

Jennifer admits that Agent Odell manipulated her into destroying a Markovian data center with people inside. Lynn reveals that Odell manipulated her into taking Green Light. The family shares a family dinner.

Lala threatens to raise Lady Eve's fee until she utilizes Tobias's trigger phase to control him. Lady Eve was the one who invented the mind control technology. She wants to retrieve the briefcase.

Anissa is worried about Jennifer wanting to be with Khalil. Aniya sends her a message that the Markovians have attacked the Perdi.

Brandon utilized his powers to turn his mother's ashes into a crystal that he's worn forever. Dr. Jace states that she knows about his father, who also tried to kill her. Jennifer forces him to leave before he can harm him.

Black Lightning, Thunder, Lightning, and Grace join in to fight the Markovian troops. Aniya and Terry were kidnapped by the Markovians; the rest of the Perdi will be helped by Jefferson's friend.

Gambi lets his assassin go to deliver a message to Lady Eve.

Jennifer wants Brandon to talk to T.C. about finding out the truth of his dad. Khalil is drawing a picture of Jennifer.

Khalil's mind glitches and he discovers Painkiller's mission to kill the Pierce family. Painkiller breaks free from the firewall and starts to choke Jennifer. Khalil, while in his mind, fights Painkiller to break the connection. He punches Painkiller back into the locked room. Jennifer uses her powers to heal and burn the toxin away.

Khalil apologizes to Jennifer for hurting her; Jennifer sees a killer when she witnesses Painkiller. Jennifer doesn't want to be with Khalil since he could be dangerous to her and her family. Khalil decides it will be the last they'll see each other.

Lady Eve visits the tailor shop at night with a gun; Gambi is armed with a shotgun. They make bygones about trying to hurt each other. Lady Eve gives him the briefcase to help takedown the ASA.

T.C. uses his powers to break into the briefcase.

The briefcase reveals the ASA's past with experimenting on metahumans and the record of the metahuman genome.

A flashback reveals how Gravedigger agreed to be a lab rat for the government. The experiments unlocked his dormant metahuman gene, slowed his aging, and gave him powers. Gravedigger used his abilities to fight for the government in wars.

Gravedigger is the first metahuman in recorded history. The only record lives with Gravedigger. Many governments have spent billions trying to replicate the experiments. Gambi reveals that his first mission was to retrieve Dr. Jace from Markovia, which helped create the ASA.

Lynn reveals that she left the meta-boosting serum in Markovia. Gravedigger applies a telekinetic power to himself and he kills the Markovian general.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Gambi: Tyson Sychs is the first metahuman in recorded history. Meta Prime.
Lynn: The US government had the serum to unlock Meta powers this entire time. Where is their Meta army?
Gambi: The only part of the program that survived was Gravedigger himself. And for the past 70+ years, the US has spent billions trying to recreate the original serum. First in Markovia, and then here in Freeland.

Jennifer: See you around, Khalil.
Khalil: No, you won’t.