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A rapper is enjoying the crowd around his venue when he is shot by a drive-by shooter.

Turns out it was the rapper, Cameron Gooding's, driver who was shot. He knows and doesn't like Danny. He blames himself for the shooting.

Erin is on a panel at Fordham. A student is very interested in talking to her. Erin wants to hire the student, Ramona, but the girl would rather Erin investigate the death of her friend, who was a member of a cult.

Jamie's boss thinks he was too hard on a rookie.

Frank watches some protesters yelling at a cop and demanding an end to police violence. Garrett is disgusted that a cop who was accused of excessive force is considered guilty by the public. Frank thinks this is all political and the cop is being railroaded.

Anthony says that SHaprio has been kidnapping cult members. He can't get any of the members to talk. He has an idea.

Danny and Baez talk to a rapper who had a beef with Gooding.

Anthony and Erin want Eddie to go undercover. Anthony thinks he needs to teach Eddie how to do it. They want her to get a weak link in the cult to open up to her.

Danny has to close the blinds because groupies are trying to catch a glimpse of Gooding in the squad room. Danny accuses him of dealing. Gooding is annoyed and wants to go back to work. Danny asks how many more of Gooding's friends have to die before he comes clean? Gooding gives him a name of a guy he owed money to.

Jamie goes to see Frank. He asks him what to do if a higher-up seemed to be sexually involved with a rookie. Frank knows it's Espinoza. He agrees that something is off.  Jamie doesn't want to look the other way. 

Frank says he talked to IAB about this other detective and know this is a mess. If Jamie talks to IAB and it leaks, it doesn't matter if Espinoza is exonerated.

Anthony gives Eddie a million instructions.  He is worried about her getting killed when she's a Reagan. Eddie insists she's ready.

Eddie goes to the new age store to try to get into the cult.The girl tells her this is a safe space for people with negative pasts and invites her to a gathering.

Damon Walsh is arrested.He doesn't care about the charges against him. He asks for a lawyer when Danny suggests murder. He is surprised that they think he tried to kill Gooding. He says he wants Gooding alive since he owes him money. He says Gooding is respected and he'd be killed if he messed with him.

A judge thinks Detective McKenzie should be terminated. Abigail is angry. Frank says they will stand behind their people as always. 

Jamie is looking for Brooks. He writes her up again for going elsewhere for a meal without informing him of her location. Espinoza is not happy and says that Jamie is trying to get back at him. Espinoza warns him not to question him about this.

Eddie talks with the girl, who says Elena just had bad energy. Eddie meets Shapiro. Ruby says she lost her father too. Eddie messes up her story but covers. Shapiro wants her to come to the gathering. Eddie sees a girl and asks who she is. Ruby says that's Tracey, and there's something off about her.

MacKenzie comes to see Frank.  MacKenzie says with all due respect, Frank started this. He thinks the judge should be investigated. Frank says he can't do that. MacKenzie isn't happy that Frank is rejecting the recommendation for termination. He wants Frank to denounce the judge and say nobody can investigate him anymore. Frank cannot do that. MacKenzie is upset about the way he and his family are treated. He is quitting since Frank won't fix this. He goes. Frnak is upset.

Eddie tells Erin that she saw Ramona at the cult meeting. Anthony says Ramona is missing. Erin says she's going to look for Ruby herself. 

Eddie goes to see Ruby. Anthony comes in too. Ruby doesn't understand why the cops are always there. Anthony wants to know where Shapiro is. Ruby says Eddie lied to her. Eddie says they have to find this girl before anything happens to her. Anyway, she si going to arrest Ruby if she doesn't cooperate.

Ruby brings "Jess" to Shapiro's apartment. He says he didn't want to be bothered but fine. He grabs Ruby by the arm and drags her away.  Eddie looks around while he is doing that. She finds a hidden room and hears someone moaning.. Shapiro grabs her. Eddie fights him off. Ruby hits him over the head. A bunch of cops come in and arrest Shapiro. Ramona is found gagged behind the locked door.

Danny looks at surviellance footage and finds Peta's bodyguard was involved in the shooting. The guy is in the audience for Gooding's new show. Danny comes out instead of Gooding. Ky is arrested. Gooding says he is going to dedicate his show to Allan and wants Danny and Baez to come on stage so he can thank him. 

At Sunday dinner eveyrone is talking about Nicky's rent being high in San Francisco.  Sean asks what if she doesn't like it? Erin says then she'll move back.

Jamie talks to Espinoza and reveals that Brooks' father was a friend of Espinoza's who died on 9-11. Espinoza says he convinced Sarah to take the test in the hopes that becoming a cop would straighten her out. He's afraid if Jamie is too hard on her she'll quit. Jamie tells him to let him make the decisions.

Frank and Jamie watch the hockey game together. Frank feels guilty about Mackenzie. He isn't sure he did the right thing. After all Jamie didn't go to IAB. He thinks in this day and age Jamie did the right thing. Some accusations are the same as a conviction. How are they supposed to do their jobs under these circumstances? He doesn't know what to do but he does care.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

Ramona: ADA Reagan, you have a moment?
Erin: So you can pass on some more policy suggestions?
Ramona: Sorry, I know I can be a little...
Erin: Outspoken? No worries. Actually you remind me of myself.

Danny: Cameron Gooding?
Gooding: Seriously? You two? Are you the only cops in New York?