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Jamie is first on scene in response to a call. Jamie and the EMTsjoke about the football game. They approach a guy who is on the ground and all of a sudden someone starts shooting. The "victim" runs away and an EMT gets shot.

Erin appears before Judge Harvey, who gives a drug offender with violent priors rehab. Erin argues with Harvey in chambers but Harvey says she's the judge and that addiction is an illness now.

Danny and Baez come to see Jamie. They have been investigating a similar case. Jamie wants to help on this case. Danny won't let him.

Frank meets with the Mayor. The Mayor is upset about tourist revenue going down during the holidays. Frank says crime is down. Chase says petty crime is up. Chase says he's changing the vagrancy laws. Frank says he can't just change the law. Chase says watch me and argues that existing law says vagrants can be removed. He is changing the threshold tfor removal o 49 degrees so Frank can have the cops remove a lot of homeless people -- starting tomorrow.  Frank says he will take it under consideration. Chase isn't happy that Frank isn't falling in line.

Danny goes to talk to the surviving EMT and her boss won't let him but he talks him into it. She doesn't remember much. She says her captain is just overprotective. Danny suggests that maybe the captain was involved with the crime.

Sid thinks the cops will love getting rid of the homeless. Everyone else thinks this is too rushed. Garett says this sweep will look like payback. Frank says Chase was elected in a landslide so this is what the people want.

Erin is upset about the ruling. Anthony says Siriani ran away from rehab. Erin runs off. Anthony says she can't go after every drug user and chases after her.

Eddie and Jamie are opening a joint account. Eddie is upset that she won't be able to buy a secret gift. She has $100k in another account. She says it's her dad's money.

Erin talks to the rehab manager who says that Siriani ruined things for a young kid who was trying to turn his life around and complains that Siriani was a problem. He says Siriani had a warrant. Anthony calls and says two perps tried to rob a hospital and one of them was Siriani.

Danny goes to see HIggins. He wants to see the personnel logs. And Higgins' personal files. Higgins is offended and won't give them anything. Danny gives him a supoena.

Eddie is upset that Jamie is working this weekend. He says he needs extra money to pay off his student loan. He won't let Eddie help.

Abigail says that a homeless guy died in custody during the sweep. Heart attack. Garrett says the fact that the cops arrested him is a problem even though they didn't do anything to cause his death.  Frank says Garrett can't blame the Mayor. He thinks they should say there are injuries on both sides. Sid is not there as he is checking on this. Frank is sure Sid will have stories to make the cops look good.

Danny and Jamie argue. Danny thinks Jamie is too close to this. Jamie says that's never stopped Danny. He wants to help.

Eddie goes to see a Mr. Wallace who represented her dad. He gives her a hug. She is surprised that her dad talked about her.  Anyway, she wants to see his files so she can know if the trust is clean. Wallace suggests she not look.

Erin goes to talk to Harvey. She thinks Harvey'll know where Siriani went as they grew up together. Harvey says almost like siblings and insists Siriani won't hurt anyone. She doesn't believe he would have a gun. Erin yells at her to stop covering for the guy. Harvey says the hospital is where he got hooked. He was a nurse at a few hospitals. Erin needs a list and a warrant.

Danny can't believe Higgins complied with the subpoena. Nothing on Higgins, but Wayne and Katrina seem to have doctored inventories. Another ambulance gets hit in the meantime.

Jamie comes home and finds Eddie looking through her dad's files. She says some of the investments were real. Jamie says he knows it must be hard for her because of her dad's mistakes. Eddie says no one is as perfect as the Reagans. Jamie insists they don't need that money. Eddie is irritated.

CCRB has called an emergency investigation. Meanwhile Sid is not available Frank wonders what is going on with Sid. He goes to talk to him. Sid has some precinct commanders in his office. A commander says the homeless refuse to be moved. Frank wants the meeting moved to his conference room.

Siriani has been arrested but insists he had no gun and it was all Harris Hicks. He says "she only tried to help me". Erin realizes the judge is in trouble. She and Anthony hear a scream and shots as they arrive at the judge's residence. The judge has shot Hicks. 

Jamie and Danny bring Katrina in and ask her about the drugs. She insists she just wanted to move on. Danny says they need to know who did this. She admits Wayne was involved with bad people and helped them set up ambulances to be robbed. She tried to get him to stop. After that other EMT died he wanted out and so he was killed. Jamie says she has to tell him how these buses are getting hit.

Jamie is impatient to leave and catch Eddie. Danny tells Jamie no matter what happened, he should apologize. Higgins appreciates the cops getting to the bottom of this. The call to a phony emergency comes through. Danny and Jamie catch the bad guys.

Frank offers Chase discreet security. Chase says he doesn't get high anymore. Frank says Chase misread the homeless problem. He says Chase exploited a loophole and it solved nothing.  He says that mass roundups are anti community policing and that it was not one homeless person who died. Frank has a plan and he thinks this mayor might actually listen. 

Jamie apologizes to Eddie. She says she's the only one who can say her dad is a crook. Jamie agrees to take the money but is going to give half of it to one of her dad's victims. Eddie wants to work Saturdays too.

At dinner, Danny says they never had a joint account and that Jamie is being manipulated. Erin says joint finances are better for their marriage. Sean says everyone uses technology now, cash is on its way out. Erin is the only one who has a savings account. Frank says cash used to be the most effective way to get info from suspects.


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