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Eddie tells Erin and Anthony about a murder. Supposedly the husband and kid saw the perp jump out the window. No murder weapon found. The detective in charge kicks Eddie out. Erin wants statements from the neighbors and doorman. Family is across the hall. 

Detective is conescending to Eddie, asking if she can handle taking the family to the precinct.

A perp who has to testify won't talk to anyone but Danny. It is Delgado.

Delgado tells Danny the cartel is threatening to kill his sons. He wants Danny to take care of it. Danny declines to tell the DA what Delgado told him

Some cop is late for roll call, goes out to his car, and shoots himself.

Frank and Sid go to pay their respects. Sid wonders how Frank does this. He wouldn't know what to say.

The cop's wife comes out. Frank says he's sorry. Mrs. Martin says don't you dare. She blames Frank for her husband's death.

Danny goes to a middle school and finds out Carlos Delgado never made it there.

Eddie talks to Erin. Family didn't say much -- why does she think t hey're hiding something? Eddie says lack of eye contact, demeanor, etc. Erin says that's not enough. Eddie is offended.

Frank meets with top staff. He thinks maybe they should classify suicides as line of duty fatalities. The brass says no. Not their fault when officers have mental health issues. One of the top officers says anti-cop sentiment is the problem. Frank can't do anything about that, especially when officers don't want to ask for help if they are supposed to be the heroes saving others. Frank dismisses the brass. 

The chaplain stays behind. He says Rosemary got to Frank and that things were going on that he can't tell Frank about. He thinks Frank couldn't have done anything. Frank wants to prevent all suicides.

Eddie tries to question the victim's daughter but the father shows up and tells her to leave his daughter alone.

The DA gets in Danny's face. They start arguing and the DA says Danny didn't realize Linda was in danger either. A call comes in about the stolen car being found.

The car has blood in it. Danny gets a call from Carlos, who has been kidnapped and is scared. The kidnapper takes the phone away.

The father goes to complain to Erin about cops on his property and complains about Edie.

Garett says that Rosemary blames Frank and says he doesn't do enough to support cops. Sid thinks no one will believe that. Garett says Rosemary hired a lawyer and wants to get the results of an investigation into her husband's death. Abigail says giving that would put an end to her blaming Frank. Frank says that is not the point.

Sid says Martin hooked up with a prostitute who stole everything of him and took explicit photos. Frank does not want to see the photos. Abigail says it is blackmail and that was the main factor in his suicide. Frank says he needs to see Rosemary and she deserves a face-to-face. Sid and Garett don't like this idea. 

Erin and Jamie confront Eddie about talking to Amanda. Eddie insists Amanda needs help. Erin says she can't make a case based on gut instincts and she would be saying it to any of the Reagans. Eddie says she is not a Reagan. She says she has good instincts because of her father being a criminal and she sees something Erin can't see.

The DA wants it kept from Delgado that his son has been kidnapped but Danny tells him the truth and Delgado attacks the DA, then refuses to testify until his son is found.

Anthony understands how Eddie feels. He says she is low man on the totem pole and he wouldn't want to be her at Sunday dinner. She's the only outsider at the table. They're all great and it's hard to compete. Erin asks if that's what he came here to say? Anthony says no, he's here to say Mrs. Webster was having an affair with her husband's best friend, giving Mr. Webster motive.

Frank meets with Rosemary and the chaplain. Rosemary again says she knows who to blame. Walter says it's not one reason that someone takes a life. Frank says he is doing everything he can to prevent suicides. Rosemary says her 10-year-old asked why his father ate his gun and she doesn't know what to tell him. He doesn't deserve this. She wants the results of the investigation. Frank says he will not be giving them to her. She wants to know what he is trying to hide.

Frank says her husband was an exceptional police officer with a stellar record. She wants access into the internal investigation. Frank says she is looking for a reason to explain this tragedy and she will never find a reason good enough.

Henry says Martin should have thought of his kid before he pulled the trigger. Frank says it's more complicated than that. Sean wonders why so many cops kill themselves. Henry, Jamie, and Frank have explanations. Danny shows up late and just wants dessert. Frank is worried about him working so many hours.

Eddie starts up with Erin. Jamie is annoyed that Danny puts in his two cents. Danny says he has made a career out of following his gut and that Eddie shouldn't back off.

Baez has info about a hit man. DA is mad that they didn't tell him about it. Danny puts him in his place.

Jamie calls Eddie into his office. Erin and Anthony are there. Eddie is not interested in apologizing. SHe is ranting and finally Anthony gets a word in edgewise and Eddie finds out that Erin and Anthony want her to work with them on the case.

Danny demands to know where Carlos is. Garcia says he doesn't know. His wife is brought in in handcuffs. She supposedly had a gun on her and in any case is pregnant and nearly due. Garcia says all he knows is that Carlos is being held in a cabin upstate.

SWAT team goes to the cabin and Danny finds a note saying too late, Carlos is dead. He is upset but dogs have a scent. They find Carlos bound and gagged in a shed. He has been beaten up but is okay.

Amanda is brought in but says she has nothing to say. Eddie tells her that she can tell she's afraid of her dad and she did similar things with her dad. She talks about how she used to cover for her dad to make everything okay until he finally went to jail. Amanda asks if that's why she's a cop. Eddie says Amanda will be haunted forever if she lies about he rmom's murder. AManda admits that her dad killed her mom by accident while fighting with her about the cheating.

Danny goes to see Delgado, who is going into Witness Protection. Delgado jokes he should change his name to Danny Reagan. He got to spend time with his boys. He doesn't know how to thank Danny. Danny says get on that stand and put away the SOBs who did this to our families.

Erin tells Eddie that Mr. Webster is going to cooperate to stop Amanda from having to testify. She is impressed with how Eddie handled Amanda. Eddie confirms all of what she said was true. Erin tells her she came on like a Reagan. Eddie says the Reagans are all so outspoken and it's great but she was brought up the complete opposite and she holds back. But not this time. Amanda reminded her of herself.

Erin reassures Eddie she has not alienated her and thinks they should stick together against the men.

At a funeral service, Rosemary talksabout her husband. Her son is by her side. She says she blamed anyone she could think of for her husband's death. She doesn't know why he killed himself. She wishes he'd known they would help him. 

Frank tells Walter he wasn't sure this was a good idea. Walter says it was but he's not sure Rosemary would have come if she knew Frank was behind it. Walter realizes Frank never told Rosemary what he knows. Frank says he did not. Walter thinks Frank should heed his own advice and avail himself of a program too. Frnak says he has his own program for that: his family's dinner table.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Danny: Locked up and still causing trouble, huh?
Delgado: Only thing I'm good at.

Erin: You okay?
Eddie: I'm used to detectives being territorial. No offense.
Erin: I mean, you seem to have doubts about this case.
Anthony: Something you want to share with us?
Eddie: Yeah, those two are lying through their teeth.