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Eddie and Witten find  dog on the street that barks at them and runs away. Eddie and Witten follow the dog to where some guy is fighting with a woman. Eddie decides to arrest the guy.

Some guy has vandalized Danny's car.

Garrett and Abigail are arguing about who coined the term the first 100 days. (It's FDR of course). They discuss what to do about Mayor Chase when Frank comes in.

Erin talks to Nicky on the phone. As soon as Nicky hangs up to take another call, Erin gets into a car accident.

The ambulance has come for Erin. She says she's fine. Her car and the other car are smashed.

The dog is a stray. No one in the neighborhood has ever seen him before.Jamie and Witten think he must belong to somebody. Eddie seems reluctant for Jamie to look into it.

Danny has found nothing about the vandal but a news report says that a tagger is vandalizing a lot of police cars.

Garrett tries to negotiate with a Mayor's assistant named Power who is not going to give the department any new cops.

Erin is back at work. Anthony asks why she seems out of it. Erin says it's not her best morning. Anthony thinks she is hungover. Erin denies it. 

Danny wants to know how none of the cameras picked up the guy's face. He is angry and humiliated. Baez realizes the perp came by subway.

Frank likes the Mayor thus far. Garrett thinks they should keep the good will going. Frank doesn't like Garett's idea and wonders what he is afraid of. Garrett thinks Chase doesn't have an Achilles heel. He thinks Frank should wait a bit.

Baez and Danny have ID'd the guy but he's an honors student at NYU.

After some banter, Baez says the kid's name sounded familiar so she checked something out. A case from last year involved the brother of the perp.

Erin is staring into space. She's here to see Jack and gets the receptionist to see if he has a minute. She looks scared when the receptionist goes away.

Jack invites Erin n. Erin seems out of it. 

Mayor Chase complains that the teacher's union and housing union also want money. Frank doesn't think that's the same thing and threatens to call in city council etc. Chase says he won't. He says take another look in the next fiscal year. Frank threatens to trash talk him to the Times to the extent that he would have to fire him. Chase is nonplussed. 

Eddie gets in and finds the dog has torn up the office. Jamie tells her that the dog used to belong to a gangbanger but kept giving up the gang. Eddie wants to take the dog home. Jamie is not impressed with that idea.

Danny yells and bangs on Charles' door. Neighbors are starig. A neighbor says he is not home. Danny is getting overly agitated but Baez gets him to back down. They go outside and find Danny's car spray painted again.

Nicky shows up at Erin's office. She says she decided to come see her but Erin is sure Jack called her. She says she was in a car accident but is fine.  She oesn't want to talk about it.

The squad is all laughing at Danny's tirade which has been videotaped and is on Youtube.

Jamie wants to give the dog to a buddy in the K9 unit. Eddie says the dog is worried and wants to be with them. Jamie says they can't keep the dog. The dog suddenly runs away and almost gets hit by a car. The cops chase him to some guy who appears to have stolen a purse. Jamie agrees the dog is not going anywhere.

Danny badgers the neighbor who gets insulted and Baez has to smooth things over. She admits to Baez that she lets Charles babysit. Baez has to keep stopping Danny from blowing up. The woman says Charles hates cops and she prays he isn't dangerous.

At Sunday dinner, Eddie tells a story about a power outage. Erin is upset for no reason. She says they are talking endlessly about the horrible things in the world and has some horror stories of her own. Danny's phone rings and he goes. The woman rom the apartment calls and says she needs help. She says Charles went to her apartment and she left. She's scared. Danny says he will come see what's going on.

Danny and the SWAT team show up at CHarles' apartment. No one appears to be there. Danny concludes Charles is on the run. A door opens and they catch Charles.

Jamie says they are not keeping the dog. He is staying at the precinct. Jamie says everyone will be cleaning up after hi. Witten says the squad has a name. The dog is named Jamko.

Charles says his brother was a good person. Danny believes that Charles thinks so. He encourages Charles to stay out of trouble. Charles says e is sorry. Danny believes that but says he is going in the system and will probably get off easy.

Frank and Garrett have a meeting with Chase. Chase accuses Frank of lying to him. His analogy was wrong because only 20% of houses in the suburbs are mid modern. Frank says he was trying to make a point, anything else? Chase offers him 1,000 cops but it will hurt the FDNY. Frank agrees and thanks him. Chase is shocked that Frank isn't arguing. Garrett goes and Frank has one more thing to say: he will never have a personal agenda with him. 

Jack meets Erin at a restaurant. He says Nicky is still coming. He wanted to talk to Erin alone. He thanks her for what she said the other day. He has wanted to say this for a long time. He knows he hurt her. He apologizes. Erin says she had a scare the other day and it made her look at her life.

Nicky returns as Erin is looking into Jack's eyes.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 16 Quotes

Funny. I used to have a daughter named Nicky who looked just like you.


Garret: You're literally gonna make this a tit for tat?
Frank: I prefer the term mutually beneficial agreement.