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Jamie is quizzing a rookie cop who is very clear on the mission statement. They stop for coffee. Cop goes inside and gets attacked by a homeless woman. He calls Jamie in. Jamie comes in to see the homeless woman screaming that the cop attacked her. Jamie knows the woman and says he'll handle it. He tells her she's under arrest...again.

Danny and Baez go to the scene of a murder at a comedy club that Danny enjoys.

Garrett thinks Frank should stay away from a left-wing radio show. Frank disagrees. Sid tells Frank that Jamie is downplaying the situation with the homeless woman and contradicting what the young cop says happened.

Danny and Baez interview the victim's son. He says that he and his mom disagreed about the club's future and that some of the comics didn't like her either. He suggests Emmett Fells, who it turns out is Danny's favorite comic but the son says that Emmett is a drunk who has been heckling people and went nuts when he was replaced by a sober comic at his last show.

Anthony talks to  Eddie. There's a parole officer forcing parolees to have sex. He wants her to work with his contact -- who turns out to be Vorhees.

Eddie refuses to get along with Vorhees and tells Anthony she is not working with this piece of trash. Anthony asks is she doing this or does he need to get a different UC.

Jamie comes to see Frank, who wants to talk to him about the discrepancy. Jamie says he didn't witness an assault and can't report what he can't see. He says Viajes is a good kid and that he's sorry about the situation. He does know the perp. He thinks they are supposed to have compassion for her. He won't say anything and leaves. Sid thinks Jamie is lying.

Jamie finds Jill and tries to get her to go to rehab. She won't and wants him to leave her alone. He says she can't keep getting arrested on purpose when she needs a hot bed and it has to stop.

Danny and Baez go to talk to Emmett, who keeps cracking jokes, is only half dressed, and claims the other comedian was a hack. He claims not to know that Doc is dead and says he woke up just now when they knocked. All of a sudden Emmett wants a warrant and them to leave. He wants a lawyer and is deadly serious now.

Baez thinks Fells is guilty and Danny doesn't. He says no one liked Doc.

Frank's staff talks to him about the issue. Abigail has seen the bodycam footage and says that Viajes DID get shoved. Frank says he knows Jamie is too stubborn to tell him another word. There's only one way this will go down, and he's not calling Erin about her complaint review.

Danny talks to the comedian that Fells attacked. She says until the other night Emmett always treated her right. She doesn't care that he called her a hack. She does say that Fells threatened Doc. She thought it was an empty threat and left.

Danny has to admit to Baez that Fells is the top suspect. He tells Baez that he and Linda once saw Fells and it was a great show but that doesn't mean he's going to treat him differently than any other suspect.

Vorhees is busy getting rid of trash. Eddie approaches and says she is not working with him. She accuses him of lying and says he will always be a liar.  He admits there was an angle -- he needs a job. He needs a reference for a security job and was hoping Eddie would give him one after this mission is complete.

Viajes gets in Jamie's face and accuses him of pulling rank to preserve his position, using the Reagan name, etc. Boss comes out and informs Jamie he is suspended by order of the PC.

At the family dinner, Jamie says he got suspended because people above him didn't agree with his decision. Danny blames Espinoza. Frank and Jamie doesn't want to talk about it. He and Frank argue but insist they're fine with this. Eddie agrees with Jamie. She says she has secrets too, like she doesn't like the meatloaf. Sean says he failed a test he said he aced.  Danny's secret is he thinks Erin is good at her job. Erin doesn't like Danny's sweater. Jamie says he thought trust was a two way street but he was wrong. Frank agrees.

Danny and Baez question Fells again and he keeps saying no comment. Danny says not funny. Fells says fine he did it. Some of it was a blur but he remembers threatening Doc. Baez arrests him.

Jamie is exercising when Henry shows up. Henry wants him to come out to coffee with him.  Jamie refuses.

Eddie is using a Bluetooth instead of a wire. Anyway the perp isn't here as promised and Anthony blames Vorhees.

Frank comes to see Jill.  She knows he's Jamie's dad. Frank says Jamie didn't tell him anything. He saw a tattoo in her booking picture and he is a Marine too so he did some checking. Jill's unit supported Danny's in the Middle East. She drove over an IED when Danny was in the vehicle. Jamie knew about it and has been looking out for her ever since. She doesn't think she's a hero. Frank says she kept Danny alive.

Baez now thinks Emmett gave a false confession. She tells him that Emmett has a little girl he's not allowed to see after driving drunk with her in the car. He has been spiraling ever since and she thinks he remembers nothing and assumed he killed Doc.

The perp is here. Eddie is nervous about his size as she leaves. She goes into the bar. Hobbs immediately offers her a drink. She flirts with him. He grabs her phone and puts it in the beer. Vorhees is worried about Eddie and runs out to help despite Anthony telling him not to. Hobbs tries to beat Eddie up. Anthony shows up as Hobbs tries to attack Eddie and Vorhees with a glass. He arrests Hobbs. Eddie asks Vorhees if he is okay. He is. She thinks he was dumb to jump in, b ut brave.

The other comic has been arrested and brought in front of Fells. Danny tells Fells that the woman confessed. Danny suggests he tries to make things right with his wife and kids.

Jamie comes to see Frank, who reinstates him with a warning and requires him to volunteer at Eastside Community Center with some of the other guys. Jamie wants to try to fix things with Hector but he has transferred out of Jamie's precinct. Frank says Jamie was keeping a promise he didn't know about. He expects they'd both do the same thing all over again.

Jamie and a few other guys are giving coffee at the center. Jill shows up looking for Frank. There is a rehab attached to the place so Jill tries to run away but Danny shows up all of a sudden and she's glad to see him and hugs him. She wants to have coffee with him but Danny wants to take her to rehab first.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

Garrett: This show is so left-wing they won't even mention the right lane. You should at least listen to it before you go on.
Frank: I do. Every morning.
Garrett: You do?
Frank: Look, we need to get our voice out there, especially to their listeners.

Jamie: Number 3.
Cop: Conduct yourself with integrity. Always strive to be better than what's expected. And number 4 is always put value on human life.
Jamie: I've never heard anyone state the mission statement word for word before. Now for the most important question: what happened in Jaws?