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Eddie and Witten stop some guy who insists he didn't do anything. Eddie thinks she sees a gun in the back seat and the two men are ordered out of the car. Jamie and another couple cops arrive as Eddie arrests the guys. Jamie gives it to anti-crime. Eddie objects.

A woman tries to complain about her son's case to Erin. Erin tries to tell her she is the prosecutor and can't help.

The lawyer for one of the men wants to separate the cases and says that the gun belongs to the other guy. The other guy and his mom (the woman who went to Erin) object strenuously and are removed. The public defender doesn't know the case and Charles Hayes is held on 250k bail while the other defendant is released ROR

Baez and Danny arrive on the scene where a couple has been shot. They try to question them but they are not in good shape and the woman is crashing.

Erin goes to talk to Jack. She wants him to represent Charles pro bono. Jack will only do it if Erin goes away with him for the weekend if he wins the case. Erin says if she wins he has to come to family dinner.

Abigail is walking down the street with grocery bags when a guy jumps her. She defends herself and he keeps punching her, then eventually runs away.

Frank and Garrett see her in the hospital. She insists on going to work the next day.

Danny tries to find out about the couple who was attacked. Meanwhile, Anthony says the gun on Eddie's arrestee might have been used in the crime, and Jack won't let his client talk at all about where the gun came from or why it was there. And Eddie is mad at Jamie for taking her case away but Jamie says he is acting as her boss, not her husband.

Danny doesn't want Anthony taking their case. Baez is hitting a brick wall and there is now a US Marshal posted outside of the victim's room -- the guy must be in witness protection.

Abigail has come into work. Frank wants her to go home. She doesn't want special treatment. Garrett comes in and Sid doesn't think she looks fine. She doesn't want to be treated like this. Frank says stay but stop hounding the detectives. She doesn't want to be treated like a victim. Frnak says she IS a victim, and special victims is handling the case. The perp is a serial robber and rapist, so it's great that she fought him off. Abigail is offended. She says she should have been able to stop the SOB. If she was still in the field it never would have happened. She wants to go back to field work.

Garrett approaches Baker in the street. Is she really moving on? She might be. Garrett says Frank says she can't work her own case. She accuses him of spying on her. Anyway didn't Special Victims already go door to door? Abigail is canvassing a bigger area. Garett says he will help.

Anthony doesn't understand why Erin hired Jack. She says that the public defender was incompetent. Anthony says so you don't have the hots for him? You like being around him? Erin says that's why she married him once. Anthony doesn't like him. Erin doesn't want to hear it.

Danny talks to the guy in Witness Protection. The guy didn't want to stay in Oregon when he's from New York.

Erin tries to question Charles. Jack asks to see her outside. She tells him that the gun was used in an attempted murder.

Baez finds that the victim's ex-wife posted on FB outing him as being in Witness Protection and back in NY.

Eddie meets Erin at a club. Erin wants to talk to her about Miles and Hayes. So what's her gut about the gun? Eddie says Miles was more cocky and uncooperative. It's speculation but it does help. Eddie asks her about Jack. She says that Jack and Erin make a great couple and she doesn't understand why they got divorced. Erin says they were a great couple and she thought they were rock solid but they weren't. IT wasn't one thing that led to divorce. It was a million little things. They took each other for granted and had unrealistic expectations and it killed their relationship. But Eddie and Jamie won't let that happen.

Frank is staring out the window when Garrett comes in.  Frank says Sid updated him on Garrett helping Abigail. Frank says if Abigail investigates it will make the case unprosecutable. Garrett defends Abigail. He says Abigail is just trying to validate herself as a detective. Frank says he knows that. He doesn't want Special Victims revealing the identity of the suspect to Abigail.

Danny and Baez confront the ex-wife who insists she did nothing wrong and she doesn't care. She had a good life in a crime family until her ex went into witness protection. Danny tells her they will subpoena her DMs. The woman says one person DMd her. It was Hayes. Danny goes to Erin to complain about Jack interfering with his investigation. Anthony agrees with Danny that Jack is an SOB.

Jack shows up and there is a lot of banter and Jack says Hayes is innocent, has an alibi, no motive, etc. Danny asks about the DM. Jack says Miles did it from Hayes' account.

Abigail comes to see Frank. He says they ran the footage through facial recognition but he can't tell her who because he wants her to ID him. Abigail is certain it is #4. Frank confirms that's who facial recognition ID'd as well and walks out. Sid tells her that Frank put a whole team on this. Garrett asks her if she wants to make the arrest. Abigail decides to do it.

Jamie comes home and finds food on the table but no Eddie. She comes out in a sexy dress. Jamie feels like the bachelor on The Bachelor. Eddie wanted to do something nice for him. Also she was sorry if he thought she was undermining him (ugh another if apology.) Jamie says it's already forgotten. Eddie goes into this big speech about how this isn't gonna turn into one of those little things that becomes a big thing that leads to divorce. Jamie says that's not going to happen. They hug.

DNA says the gun belongs to Miles but Miles claims it belongs to Hayes. They need evidence. Baez has got nothing. Danny says they can run DNA samples through an ancestry DNA site.

Jack comes to see Erin. They talk about the past and about the case. Erin doesn't want to hear him gloat. Hayes is innocent. Jack says that's weird because Hayes wants a plea deal.

Danny says to Baez this doesn't add up. Baez asks if Jack is Erin's soulmate. Danny says yes even though he's a complete jerk. Baez says like Miles. He is related to the guy that Romano killed.

Danny calls a meeting. He and Baez confront Miles, who says Romano shot his dad right in front of him when he was 7. He wishes he'd killed him.

Mrs. Hayes has made shoo fly pie for both Jack and Erin. Jack says that Miles was going to pay Hayes off to confess for him. Anyway he won the bet. Erin says so where are we going? Jack isn't going to hold her to that. He's never had to bribe a woman to go away with him. Erin has never broken a promise though. Jack says in that case we'll go after work tomorrow. Erin says she has to be back for family dinner.

Baker goes to see Frank. He says he heard she arrested the perp. She says it's a strong case. Five women have ID'd him. Frank tells her nice work. He asks her to fill in until he finds a replacement. She says as long as it takes. Frank says it might take years. Baker agrees. She says she will need time off for the trial. They start going over some case files.

Erin comes to dinner with Jack. Frank advises everyone to be on their best behavior (which Sean eagerly announces to Jack) Jack has brought wine and pie. Danny accuses him of sucking up. Erin tells Jack to sit next to Danny. Frank wants them to keep it civil. Jack lets it slip that he and Erin went to Pennsylvania. Eddie can't believe Jack came to dinner. Jamie thinks Jack likes being tortured. Frank asks Jack to say Grace. Frank smiles at Erin.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

Jack: If I win, you have to come away with me for a romantic weekend.
Erin: You're asking me to prostitute myself for a good cause.
Jack: Basically.
Erin: Fine. And if I win, you have to come to family dinner.
Jack: That's the difference between us. I want to share love and you want to inflict pain.

Frank: I guess I don't have to ask how you're doing.
Baker: Is this the part where I say you should see the other guy? My hands were full of my grandma's groceries. I couldn't get to my gun fast enough.
Frank: We'll get the son-of-a-bitch who did this.
Baker: I'll be in tomorrow morning.
Garrett: You have to rest.
Baker: The worst thing you can do is treat me with kids' gloves.