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Frank has a meeting with Garrett, Baker and Sid. There is a Captain Butler who is not doing well in the Bronx and apparently he is 'old school" and a problem.

Erin is not happy that a repeat offender is being released ROR under new bail rules.

Jamie has an assignment for Eddie and Witten. There's a pilot program where social workers ride along. The social worker shows up and is overly bubbly.

Danny and Baez arrive at the scene where a perp fights with a cop who tries to arrest him and grabs his gun. The guy insists he can't go to jail and drives off.

Baez seems upset with Danny. He says the guy wasn't posing a threat. He can't shoot him over a shoving match.  Baez thinks he should have used force. The cop involved is angry too. (Apparently Danny is in the doghouse for not being a hothead. What a nice change.)

Erin is upset about the bail situation. Her boss tells her to go to arraignment and fight it.

Frank sees Butler who says he has no excuse for his numbers being down. He says gang activity has been on the rise and they have to be more aggressive. Frank says Butler's cops are looking the other way. He says the political climate is bad. Also he's lost some veteran sergeants. Frank wants him to fix this and doesn't appreciate him not taking responsibility.

Erin objects to ROR. New bail laws don't allow the judge to consider danger to the community (what?). The judge says it's about fairness. She says Maloney wouldn't be able to pay bail and a wealthy defendant can and that's not fair. She doesn't want to hear anymore.

The social worker goes on and on about wanting to make a difference. Eddie tells her some cases will be challenging. They get a call.

The call is a kid who has a mood disorder and is refusing to turn down loud music. He won't let them turn down his music. (He seems more autistic than mood disorder) Eddie warns the social worker to be careful. The social worker makes a connection and offers the kid headphones. Problem solved.

Danny's boss wants to see him. He says Wendell is accusing Danny of malfeasance. Danny blames Wendell but he's going to Internal Affairs.

At his meeting, Danny is accused of being afraid of being attacked by bystanders. IAB seems to think that if a guy has a cop's gun he should be shot period. They accuse him of letting Pratt go to avoid getting in trouble. He tells them he's done.

Erin's boss comes in. She agrees that Judge Kramer has a point. Erin says Maloney isn't a law-abiding citizen. She wants to try to keep him in custody but her boss probably doesn't want to know.

The social worker says that the kid was probably scared because of their uniforms. She explains that mental illness is an illness. Sometimes badges and guns make things worse.

Erin wants assurance that Maloney won't seek revenge. Maloney rants. His lawyer says he will foreswear vengeance. Maloney gets violent then says he'll wish her the best. He makes what could be a threat against Erin.

Sid talks to Frank. Guys in the Bronx are sitting in their cars doing nothing and Butler doesn't know it. Someone is covering for the deadbeats. . Frank guesses that Butler is delegating too much and not in control of his precinct. He'll take it from here.

Baez has her IAB appointment. Danny's boss says there was a homicide near the scene and the shooter matched Pratt's description(which doesn't have anything to do with whether he was threatening Danny at the time.)

Erin's boss is not happy with this "stunt." Erin insists it was no stunt. Maloney's attorney has filed a complaint. What is it about this case? Erin ists the people Maloney has hurt in the past. Erin's boss says we are not trying him for his history.

Jamie is skeptical. He thinks this sounds like "woke" nonsense. Eddie doesn't think that getting blowback necessarily means a policy is wrong.

Sunday dinner. Frank asks Sean about SAT prep. Danny is upset that Sean doesn't want to go to college. He wants to take a year off. Erin thinks he can take the SAT anyway. Sean says Nicky was smart like Erin and Jamie. Somehow Sean knows that Eddie dropped out of college. Sean says not going to college doesn't make you a loser. None of them went to college. Frank says they will support Sean's decision but it has to be thoroughly considered.

Henry talks to Danny. Danny says he knew the guy wasn't a threat but this guy might have killed someone with a cop's gun later. Henry says we don't shoot suspects because of what they might do (thank you Henry!) Danny doesn't regret not shooting the guy but what if he committed the murder after he was let go?

Butler says he met with his command staff. Frank warns him to stop delegating so much. Butler likes to be out in the community. Frank knows he is moving to Westchester. Frank tells a story about a guy famous for leading his men to the worst in World War II. Eisenhower found a confused environment lacking in preparation, dedication, and motivation. Eisenhower fired the guy.

Butler says this last year we've all been through a lot. Frank agrees that this last year has been like wartime. He says Butler has abandoned his duties. Butler says he doesn't have to take this. Frank says double-check your new job offer.

Baez says if Danny stands by his call he stands by him. IAB clears Danny. Baez is glad but now they have a tip on that homicide.

Maloney goes after his ex-girlfriend. Erin and Anthony show up. Maloney is arrested for felony possession of a weapon.

The cops are called to the same house. THe kid is now violent. The social worker wants to talk to him even though NYPD is supposed to take the lead on violent calls. The social worker gives him a scarf and tries to convince him to go to the hospital with her. The kid tries to take the social worker hostage.  The cops save the day. The social worker is upset. Eddie tells her she saved the kid's life.

Crawford tells Erin this is a good outcome but how he got there bothers her. She told Erin to walk away. Crawford thought Erin was trying to sabotage her. (Does she not know that if Erin hadn't done this he would have killed his ex-girlfriend?) Crawford tells Erin they aren't bounty hunters.

Jamie is doing a crisis intervention team report. Eddie says put that you did good work in this report. Jamie thinks they will pull the plug on this program. Eddie says she learned more from Claire than from all her NYPD training. She wants Jamie to use the report to change City Council's minds.

Danny and Baez have arrested a guy for the homicide who looks just like Pratt. Pratt has turned himself in and will only speak to Danny.

Pratt says he lost it because he's all his parents got and that Danny saved his life. He is ready to answer for what he did. He just wants a fair shot.

Frank is looking at Teddy Roosevelt's portrait. Sid comes to see him. Sid says people are saying they are torpedoing Butler. Frank doesn't care. Sid thinks this was pretty harsh. Frank says Butler was sacrificed to make a point. The city they loved is crippled and needs them here. He doesn't want cops to leave NYC when the city needs them.

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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Witten: Something actually good for cops came out of the City Council?
Eddie: Wonders never cease.

Baker: Numbers are down across the board.
Garrett: And we went five days without anyone being pushed under a subway train. Just saying.