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Sid has to talk to Frank about a 33-year-old veteran cop who is abusing her badge to get a lot of free food from stores. Sid got a phone tip about it. Garett is worried about bad press. Frank wants to find out what's what before confronting the captain.

Jamie wants permission to reinstate saluting.

A bunch of people in the ADA's office feel a need to read and laugh at a ridiculous gossip column making fun of Erin and accusing her of taking advantage of nepotism.

Danny has taken Baez out for her birthday. He sees a guy he thinks is Jimmy Buffett. Baez tells him to go up to the guy. Danny thinks he's nice and wants to pay his tab.

"Jimmy Buffett" has ordered a lot of expensive stuff. Danny thinks this is karma. Baez has discovered the real Jimmy Buffett was in Austin last night.

The officers are making fun of Jamie demanding salutes. They stop when Eddie comes in.

Sid has found out that Tyrell is getting a lot of free stuff and donating it to vets. Frank feels he has no choice but to talk to Tyrell.

Frank meets with Tyrell. She says she is up to charity. He says she is violating the patrol guide. She says she's bending it a little bit. She doesn't take anything for herself. She has a story about her brother and how she now makes veterans' lives better. Frank tells her her intentions are good but she has to stop right now or she will get a command discipline. She says she's going to think about it. She leaves.

Erin is upset about the gossip site. Anthony thinks this is nonsense and she should stop reading it. She's worried that everyone hates her. She's sure Wallace from Sex Crimes hates her. Anthony says that is Webster from some other department and he likes her just fine. They will find out who this is.

Danny decides to investigate but the waitress has no info for him. However she met the guy after she got off work. He said all his friends called him Chief. They went to her apartment. He didn't do anything wrong to her.

Jamie can tell Eddie is upset during dinner. She eventually admits she doesn't understand why he's picking this fight. She thinks saluting the front desk is super formal for no reason. Or so others think. Jamie wants them to be their best. Eddie wonders if it is worth being hated by every single cop. Jamie doesn't care if everyone hates him.

Erin was called in early by the CO of Computer Crime Squad. They tracked down the IP address of In Charge Man. Erin said it was Anthony

The fake Jimmy has been tracked down. Danny goes after him. He finds out the guy's name is DIckie Delaney. He claims that the guy is a criminal impersonator. He tries to arrest him but Dickie Delaney has a fact sheet claiming that he is innocent. Danny argues with him. He says sorry for the inconvenience and goes.

Jamie gives Eddie's partner a RIP for not saluting properly. The guy argues with him. Jamie threatens to take away two vacation days if he doesn't stop.

Anthony tells Erin it wasn't him. Erin knows. But it's not easy to fake an IP address. Someone went to a lot of trouble. Anthony has no idea why anyone would do this. Erin thinks this is a small part in a bigger picture. Erin gets a lot of texts. The NY Post has outed Anthony as the In Charge Man. Erin suspects Crawford.

The cops don't see what Eddie sees in Jamie. Eddie comes in and they stop laughing. Her partner apologizes and says it's not her, it's Jamie. She defends Jamie.and has no interest in discussing him with anyone. Her partner tells her she'll have to choose a side.

Jamie and Eddie talk again. It quickly becomes Eddie ranting about how Jamie's behavior influences her and no one likes him because of this stupid rule.

Sid says to Frank rules are rules, right? He doesn't want to go up against Tyrell. Baker interrupts to say Tyrell is here. Tyrell comes in. She talks about how she never got to serve but she is honoring her brother's service. Frank says she is shaking down these stores. She says she is not shaking anyone down. Frank says it is against the rules. Tyrell says that the merchants contribute voluntarily. She refuses the offer of a command discipline and says she will see them in the trial room.

Jamie calls a guy over and tells him to salute. The guy says he's new but can't recite his shield number and runs away when Jamie presses him. The cops chase and arrest him.

Tyrell insists on testifying at a court martial. She annoys the judge with a list of discounts. Frank says this is an implied demand. Tyrell says that it's freely given and there is a contradiction in the system. Frank says there are discrepancies but it is not the officer's perogative to decide a rule is outdated. They debate this point. The judge says she has everything she needs and commends Tyrell for her advocacy.

Erin comes in to see Garrett. He is not surprised to see her. He says she needs to thicken her skin if she's going to run. He says his first thought was Crawford but he thinks that someone just wants her to think its Crawford... unless it really is Crawford or Anthony. He wants her to let him look into it and do nothing.

At dinner Erin says she's a Buffett fan too. The conversation moves onto first concerts. Danny admits when he was 10 he shuck out to see KISS in the Garden when he was 10. Pops saw Old Blue Eyes at the Paramount. Frank has never been to a concert.

Baez tells Danny there was a fake Rod Stewart a few years ago. Danny is embarrassed that he got fooled. Jimmy Buffett comes to see him. Danny thinks it's Dickie Delaney again but it's the real Jimmy Buffett. He heard about the impersonator and wants Danny to help him find the guy.

Garrett asks Erin about Ashley Adams. Anthony says she's a new intern. Garett says she's the mayor's cousin and studying computer science. Anthony has no idea what he's talking about. Garett says the Mayor is trying to get dirt on Frank. Anthony wants to get rid of Ashley. Garett says they want her to stay where she is so they can funnel false info to her when the time is right.

Danny and Jimmy Buffett track down Dickie Delaney. Jimmy wants Dickie to pay Danny back for the dinner and take a year off. Jimmy and Dickie apparently know each other. Jimmy tells Danny this guy has been impersonating him since the 1980s and he shows him mercy because he has a hard life.

The Court has found in Frank's favor. Sid asks her if she will cease and desist in exchange for the warning? Frank tells Sid to give them the room.  Frank asks Tyrell to have a seat and asks for her real reason. He doesn't accept that she wants to use her duty to contribute to the Marines. She says she's a Black woman whose sense of pride and purpose in her job is shot because everyone treats her with suspicion. She's treated like a traitor. What she can do for those vets is the only reason she hasn't quit yet. Frank tells her she can get discounts but no more handouts.

Anderson calls the cops in for a meeting. The police impersonator had hit many precincts and stolen guns from some, but was caught here because Jamie required salutes. Everyone applauds Jamie.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 11 Quotes

Danny: 9 o'clock. Jimmy Buffett.
Baez: You mean the Margaritaville guy?

Jamie's Boss: I should have known it.
Jamie: Known what?
Jamie's boss: That you studying for the lieutenant's exam would result in some ball-busting out there.