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Baez and Danny show up at the scene of a violent robbery. The victim is obnoxious and says that his watch cost over 900k and he had to do a lot to get his hands on his watch so therefore he wasn't going to turn it over without a fight. The victim says the mayor's wife is his client so they need to find his watch.

Jamie's boss demands that he find a replacement for a detective who is leaving. It is a test. He owns the officer he chooses.

Crawford compliments ERin on winning a case. She wants her to handle the accomplice's interview.

An Officer Lester comes to see Frank. Frank says that 26 months ago Lester was cleared of a shooting but the mayor wants the case reopened.  No one knows why. Sid says the family is pressuring City Hall. Frank questions Lester about what happened. Lester hates what happened but he'd do the same thing over again. Frank dismisses him and tells Sid the heat needs to stay on Lester.

Erin does the interview with Baxter who is extremely uncooperative.He claims he didn't do anything and won't confess. Erin says her offer expires as soon as she leaves. He doesn't care.

Danny is hoping to unload this case on another department  No luuck. The mayor wants them on it. Danny doesn't get why some idiot is wandering around with a super expensie watch when crime is up and lots of people can't make ends meet.

Jamie chooses a candidate to interview.

Danny and Baez go to the hospital and interview another victim who has just been shot. The OR is ready so the interview ends.

Baker has pulled the file transcript and says it was a good shoot. Nothing has changed. Garrett says except the times. The victim was a minority and no one cares that the cop was too. Frank thinks that's ridiculous and they need to deal with facts. Lester is a good cop and he can't afford to lose him.

Erin talks to the victim's mother who wants Baxter in jail. She says Anthony told her that Erin would do it. She confronts Anthony. She thinks he did this to pressure her to bring charges. She needs to make her decisions based on facts. Anthony says Green ID'd Baxter and that should be enough.

Jamie talks to Cooper's partner who says Cooper is always the first to run toward trouble. He says he's a street cop and all he knows is his partner is a great cop.

Danny and Baez discover the robbers are stealing watches all over town. A man comes to see them and says two men robbed him of his watch but not the money in his register. The watch was cheap but it's a family heirloom.

Lester goes to the parents of the boy he killed. He wants them to know he thinks about Lewis every day. The parents are not receptive. Sid shows up and tells him to go.

Jamie brings Cooper to an interrogation room to try to get a confession out of a babysitter who allegedly shook a baby. Jamie watches as Cooper loses his temper with the guy.

Danny goes to a jewelry store to ask about the watches he sells. Several of the stolen watches were purchased here. The owner says that they're the best luxury watch store in NYC. Danny thinks it might be an inside job. This salesman sold a watch to the first victim. Danny catches him in a lie and says they should talk downtown.

Cooper comes back and apologizes for earlier. He talks about how his baby won't stop crying and he hasn't slept in three nights. He builds rapport and gets the babysitter to confess.

Erin talks to the detective on the Green case. She wants to know if she offered Green anything. She says she did her job and the rest is up to Erin.

Jamie goes to the hospital where apparently Cooper's partner has been shot. His partner wanted to call for backup but he insisted on going on and the suspect fired at them

Teddy considers asking for a lawyer but instead confesses that some guy convinced him to tell him when he makes a big sale so they can steal the watches and the client can buy a new watch with the insurance money.

At dinner, Sean won't tell them what his Halloween costume is. He admits he lost a bet and has to dress as Britney Spears and twerk. Frank says all the boys wore embarrasing costumes. Erin says Danny wore a dress as a costume too. Frank recalls that Erin once had a Wonder Woman costume that her mother said showed too much skin. Henry says Frank dressed as Teddy Roosevelt when he was six.

After dinner, Frank  and Henry discuss the Lester situation. Danny and Jamie come in and contribute. Henry says Lamar died because he didn't follow instructions. Frank says that Lester has quit and now it's out of his hands. However Frank didn't allow him to resign because he's under investigation. He says he can't fight this without Lester by his side.

Danny and Baez go undercover to buy expensive jewelry. Two robbers show up and try to steal a watch from Danny. Danny arrests them and reveals the watch was a fake.

Erin questions Green about Baxter. Green doesn't seem to know anything about the signal. He says he gave them Baxter because that's what they wanted.

Erin goes to see Crawford, who says the mayor is angry that Baxter wasn't charged. Erin says she thinks Crawford assigned her that case knowing she wouldn't assign a grand jury to an innocent man. Crawford says if she runs she needs to lose the paranoia. Erin offers her that to be DA you have to be able to make tough calls and deal with blowback. She had hoped to leave politics out of it.

Jamie talks to Cooper's partner and says that he knows he's the one who is doing all the work for Cooper. He says Cooper is not a candidate anymore for FIO. He wants to hire Christo for the job and that it was Cooper's idea.

Baez thinks Danny had swag in his outfit. He says she looked amazing too. The store owner shows back up to get his watch back. The DA agreed to give it back. The store owner had no idea the watch was worth 175k. Danny advises him to wear the watch face in so it's less noticeable.

Frank calls Lester in. He wants him at a press conference in five minutes. Lester is confused. Frank says that IAB went over Lester's case with the Hubble telescope and Lester was cleared. However there could still be a civil suit. He will stand with Lester no matter what. However, he will accept his resignation if he still wants to quit. Lester chooses to stand by Frank instead.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 4 Quotes

Lester: I hate what happened. It eats me every day. But if I could do it all over again, I'd do the same thing. I'd have to.
Frank: So you're at peace with your decision?
Lester: I'm never going to be at peace.

Crawford: I want you to handle the interview yourself.
Erin: But -
Crawford: Green's confession is a big win for us and I don't want it undermined by his accomplice.
Erin: I understand that, but to pull off an ADA in the middle of a case -
Crawford: Happens all the time. Unless you have too much else on your plate.