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Eddie and he partner see a commotion on Chelsea Pier. Some guy is trying to destroy a hot dog stand because he says the owner owes him a dollar. Oh yeah and he's gonna ruin the cops' lives when they arrest him.

Danny gets a call that Maggie was stabbed.

Jamie interviews a perp who gives him info about illegal guns.

Frank has to arrange a memorial for "43", a previous commissioner who was rumored to be corrupt. Sid thinks that the guy was great. Frank asks why did he resign then? And why did Frank replace him the next day. Sid won't hear of it.

Connors' widow comes to see Frank. Frank offers his condolecnes. She says she knows something he doesn't about the circumstances of her husband's resignation. Frank thinks it's all water under the bridge. Connors is gone so it's over. Julia says he kept up lots of relationships and his sons are EMts and cops. So he should get a full police send off. Frank asks why she thinks he'd do anything less? She says a friend of Bill's told her. Frank says Bill was an effective cop and front and center as PC. However, he dishonored the department and the office in the end. Julia thinks all the charity work he did afterward should count for something.

The kid Eddie arrested is released on a desk appearance ticket and claims he did nothing wrong.

Maggie has no idea what happened to her and doesn't see the auras she usually sees. She's worried that the attacker took her gift from her. She says a few months ago the husband of a woman she helped accosted her in the grocery store and blamed her for his divorce.

Eddie has brought a classic car for her partner to see. They find it has been vandalized.

Jamie needs his contact back on the streets and Erin won't do it because the woman is a serial shoplifter. She calls to Anthony to help her. Anthony agrees with Jamie. Erin releases the woman but says Anthony will go with Jamie to meet her.

Anthony is annoyed with Jamie and says he knows how to follow perps etc.

Eddie and her partner look at security footage. The woman who did it is an ex girlfriend of her partner's.

Frank goes to see Sid. He says if you have a bone to pick, let's have it. Sid says Bill Connors doesn't deserve to be judged by his worst day. Frank said you have to put him in context. Sid says Bill was always there for his cops. Frank says there's another way to look at it. All Bill did was not miss parades and open bars. He had abused his office. But the thing he can't get past -- not to leave this room --     the NYPD had set up temporary apartments after 9-11 for officers who were helping out and Bill kept his forever. Sid says PCs are like NY's popes. He says the new pope would always go to the old one's funeral even if he hated him, out of respect for the institution.

Jamie complains they are getting nowhere. Anthony says your vibe screams cop. The woman begins stealing and Jamie and Anthony have to stop a security guard from stopping her.

Maggie's suspect has an alibi. She's still not got  her gift back. Insurance is forcing her to leave the hospital. Baez invites her to come home with her.

Eddie and Luis question Diane, who assumes Eddie is dating Luis. She says tell me what I did wrong? Eddie doesn't want to hear this.

After Grace Henry can't find his work and Sean says something rude that Frank and Danny don't like. Henry says they need to send Bill away. Henry believes Bill got him fired. Frank doesn't want to have this conversation at the dinner table. It's speaking ill of the dead. This casts a pall over the dinner.

Erin asks why Jamie isn't tailing Sheree right now. Jamie says Anthony is covering. Eddie asks everyone who broke their heart. Frank has never had a love other than his wife, who broke his heart by dying. 

Maggie is great with the baby. Baez admits she's not so good with calming her daughter. Maggie thanks her for taking her in. The baby starts crying.Maggie hums to her and can't remember the rest of the song. Baez realizes Maggie is worried about losing the connection with her late daughter.

Frank comes to see Julia who says she can read him and she knows yet something else he doesn't know. Apparently her husband kept a neat office. How little of his story was true? Julia says he spent most of his time hitting on female staffers. The only good he did was benefit galas. She doesn't expect Frank to speak at the service. Frank says everyone else will. Julia asks what he would say. He knows something she doesn't.

Eddie comes to see Diane at the diner. Diane says she is sorry. Her life is a spiral and Luis ghosting her was the last straw. She feels horrible. Eddie thinks she's a good person who made a really bad mistake. She tells her she's giving her a second chance. Diane is grateful to have met a good cop.

Baez talks to Danny, who has no leads. Maggie wants to go home if the guy is random. Baez asks her about a case she helped with. She saw a guy on a bench and a voice said tell my brother I forgive him. The guy confessed to the cops he killed his brother.    

Anthony thinks this is useless. In five minutes she's going back to Rikers. All of a sudden Sheree bolts. Jamie chases her but she jumps in a car with no plate.

Danny and Baez talk to Stafford. Danny explains to Baez he's charming when he wants to be. They talk to a suspect who is throwing out trash. He claims he is innocent and the crazy lady got in his head. They tell him Maggie is dead and he says he'll say a prayer for her.

Eddie and Luis get in the car. He wants to know why Eddie went out of her way when it gives cops grief to reach out. Eddie says she likes that she can make a difference. Luis thanks her. She thinks he can learn from Jamie how to treat women/

Sheree is with the CI who made the whole story up and she doesn't want to be with him. She will be arrested if she doesn't take them to the gun runner, Vince.

Danny's suspect is going down a street and Maggie confronts him. He thinks she's a ghost and grabs his knife, saying he already killed her. Danny arrests him.

Sheree claims the CI was trying to kidnap her. Erin congratulates Jamie and Anthony says just him?  Erin says next time don't lose the suspect. Jamie and Anthony claim they didn't.

Maggie is going home. She says she felt her daughter's presence last night while taking care of Elaina. 

Frank gives Henry a drink. He says Henry didn't say anything about his eulogy. Henry says you ate a lot of crow without a sip of water. Frank is donating the savings from the funeral to charity in the family's name.                                                                             

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

If he was so great, then ask yourself, why did he suddenly resign? And why was I, the chief of the department, asked to replace him the very next day?


Danny: Yeah, I know Maggie Gibson. I'll be right there.
Baez: Something happen with Maggie?
Danny: She was stabbed.