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Jamie and Eddie come across TJ, a homeless teenager on the street. He thinks his aunt was killed by her boyfriend known as Ghost. Jamie has Danny and Baez look into it and track down Ghost but it turns out that the aunt took the money she was given to take care of TJ to get high. She doesn't want TJ back.

Jamie breaks the news to TJ but it turns out he already has a foster home set up and TJ appears happy.

Frank slipped on black ice and hurt his leg. The doctor makes him stay home with his leg iced and elevated. Henry gets upset when he feels that Frank has dismissed him during a meeting Frank has with his advisors at home. Henry tells Frank that one day he'll be retired and he hopes that someone still has a use for him. 

Erin is upset when McCoy pulls her off the case of corrections officer Thomas Kowalski who was obviously dealing drugs. Kowalski gets a plea deal for only six months. The investigator Erin had on the case warns her to back off. That there's an internal investigation into several other corrections officers all with the same attorney. One of those officers killed himself and he believes that the Corrections Commissioner and McCoy are somehow involved. 

Erin's car is broken into and her briefcase is stolen. When security footage shows it was Thomas Kolawski she has him re-arrested. She then learns that McCoy gave him a deal to help the head of the Department of Corrections who is a very close family friend. McCoy's career and his relationship with Erin are left in question.

Danny is working overtime to pay for a tutor for Jack who is flunking algebra. When he tells Linda he needs to sleep in the city a couple of nights a week because he's exhausted, she's angry because he spends so little time at home already. The two fight over Sunday dinner. When Danny realizes that the other cops who have an extra place to sleep during the week are using it to fool around and party, he goes home to Linda and the two vow to try and spend more time together. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You once told me you can't save every puppy in the pound and now you're the one getting too close.


Henry: I don't think you missed a day in over four years.
Frank: Last time they had to shoot me.