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On a computer screen, some people are shown tormenting an elderly Chinese man and threatening to cut off his arm with an axe. The judge is disgusted and closes the video. The defense attorney argues this video would be prejudicial, while Erin argues that it is just gross. The judge admits the video. Later, the defense tries to make a deal, which Erin refuses. The defendant, Chou Lin, threatens her.

In Frank's office, Garrett gives Frank the bad news that the Mayor doesn't like his latest plan, which involves increasing funds for community policing in minority neighborhoods. Frank is visited by Regina Thomas, who offers to help back his plan and override a potential veto by the Mayor.

The judge in Erin's case is found dead, the apparent victim of a suicide. Erin realizes this is no suicide and asks Danny to investigate.

Frank finds out from his staff that Regina is planning on running for Mayor herself. He asks Garrett to leverage this information. Garrett tries to give Carlton, the Mayor's assistant, the impression that Frank will ally with Regina against her to pressure her to approve the plan.

Meanwhile, Erin finds a card on her car that depicts a bird with blood coming out of its mouth, but keeps this to herself. Meanwhile, the new judge on Chou's case says the cops have two days to find proof of murder.

The investigation seems to be going nowhere. Danny and Erin's investigator, Anthony, argue constantly but not much else happens. Interviewing neighbors leads them to learn that the super, Joe Wheeler, was on the roof even though he said he wasn't.

Joe is reinterviewed and first claims he forgot he was on the roof, then says he killed the judge because he owed him money and the judge was going to fire him. Danny suspects Joe was threatened by Chou and her gang, but Joe won't admit that.

At the weekly family dinner, the family discusses whether the ends ever justify the means. After dinner, Erin apologizes to Danny and says she was wrong -- there was no connection to Chou. .But when she brings up the threats against her, Danny realizes that the second threat came after Joe was arrested and thus Chou must have ordered him to complete the hit on the judge. He needs more time to investigate.

Erin tries to get an extension from the judge, but the judge only gives her two hours. Meanwhile, Danny and Anthony interview Chou's #2 in command, Joe Long, and convince him to give evidence against Chou so he can become the leader of the gang.

Frank confronts Regina, who thinks that he is trying too hard to keep his hands clean and thus will get nowhere, and that he should back her so that he can get his program funded despite the Mayor's concerns.

Erin is disappointed that the judge declared a mistrial, but is thrilled when Danny gives her Joe Long's testimony.

Joe Long feels tricked because Danny arrested him after he gave evidence. Danny shows him proof he put the threatening card on Erin's windshield and says he always protects family.

Frank tells Regina that he is not going to ally himself with her but invites her to come talk to the Mayor with him so they can try to get the program through proper channels. Regina refuses.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

The acting mayor, she opposes the plan.


Judge: I'm going to skip the ending. I just ate breakfast.
Defense attorney I agree with you, Judge. Allowing the jury to see this tape would be grossly prejudicial.
Erin: I agree with the gross part. Maybe your client should stop torturing the competition.