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Frank and Abigail are at dinner. Abigail wants to get going because of an accident. Frank wants to give Brian the Purple Heart. Their discussion is interrupted by protesters saying Frank is out of touch.

Danny comes home to find some guy yelling angrily at the house next door. The guy says his daughter skipped school to hang out with some kid named Reagan. Danny lets him in and Sean and the girl are dancing. The kids say that it's a day off. Father doesn't care, grabs the girl and goes.

Anthony finds someone broke into the DA's office and people are lying all bloody on the floor.

Jamie is training a new guy. They see a cab with hazard lights on. They pull the cop car over. A woman is fighting with the driver. In the melee, a gun falls to the floor and the driver tries to grab it. Jamie makes him drop it.

Apparently there's cell phone video showing that Frank's driver ran over the foot of somebody in the crowd. He denies having any awareness of having done so. Everyone agrees they would have stopped and helped. Frank is annoyed that Garrett didn't get advance notice of the protest. He wants to investigate what happened.

Anthony tells Erin about the incident. Erin says if he's seeing a psychiatrist, she should know it. Anthony says that Vivian is seeing the shrink and is planning on moving with Sofia elsewhere. He went to ask the shrink about it. He's gonna dight for his daughter.

The taxi driver has an expired registration and no license. He says life has been rough and he forgot his license. The guy tells Jamie that Frank was his sergeant after Jamie gives him a break. Eddie warns Jamie that the TLC is strict about taxi regulations. 

Sean is mad at Danny. He says Jennifer unfollowed him everywhere because her dad thinks Sean is a bad influence. Danny says but he thought this was Jennifer's  idea. Danny wants to call the father but Sean says Jennifer has been banned from seeing him because the father doesn't like Danny.

One of the victims has died. The doctor tells Anthony that she won't talk about her patient because of confidentiality. Anthony says this guy is dangerous, that is more important. He starts interrogating the psychiatrist. Erin calls him out and asks him what he's doing. Anthony gets in a fight with the guys who take over the case. He is upset because he thinks Vivian and Sofia might be in danger.

Anthony goes to the office and bothers the cops who are investigating. The other cop blames him for Vivian being in danger.

The diner owner says that he found out and fired the person who tipped the protesters off. They are interrupted by the protester leader. Frank wanted to meet her to ask if she saw what happened. She didn't. She says people saw. Frank suggests he talks to her despite his staff's disapproval and she talks to him instead of staging stunts. The woman denies this and says Frank hit and run her protester. Frank warns her that she'd better be right if she's going to go after this. 

Danny goes to see Jennifer and her father. Jennifer goes off to school. Danny tries to extend an olive branch. Ron says the kids don't run the family where he's from and that where he's from people don't pull up and bark orders.

Eddie asks Jamie what Frank said about the taxi driver. Jamie says he didn't know he was supposed to. He doesn't bounce everything off Frank now that he's a sergeant. 

Erin accuses Anthony of interfering with her investigation. He says she wouldn't back off if it was her family. She'd call Jamie and Danny -- because they're family. Erin asks did he tell Vivian how he got mixed up in this? Anthony wants her to mind her own business.

Ron shows up all beaten up and tells Danny he went to complain about some noise and got beat up. He says Jennifer is scared and doesn't want to live here anymore and Danny has to help him.

Jamie catches Henry eating pie late at night. Jamie asks how Henry felt when Frank stopped reaching out to him. Henry remembers the date. Frank was excited because he stopped a war between two crime bosses. Henry didn't know about it but was proud of him. He asks what Jamie didn't tell Frank. Jamie says he handled something. But Eddie didn't approve.

Anthony tells Erin that Baxter struck again and Vivian used Anthony as an emergency contact so he can't keep her at his house anymore.

Sgt Gormley goes to talk to Malik on the basketball court. He doesn't think the injury is real since Malik is just fine. He claims he doesn't remember what hospital he went to.

Erin is putting up Anthony and his family. Erin tells Vivian that she thinks Anthony enjoyed spending time with Vivian and Sofia. She asks about Vivian moving out of state. Vivian says see what I mean? It's not true. She was seeing the therapist about Sofia. Sofia's not a teenager and is already being a holy terror. Anthony won't hear it. Erin says Vivian is lucky to have someone who loves her this much.

Eddie and her partner are crossing the street and hear shots. It's the same taxi driver. He has a gun and has shot someone. He is standing there and not moving when he's told to put the gun down. The guy he shot is dead.

Eddie and her partner are bringing Art in and Jamie grabs him and yells at him how could he do this after he gave him a break. Eddie gets him to calm down.

Erin and Vivian laugh about Anthony's habits. Anthony comes and says they caught Baxter. Sofia doesn't want to go home. Vivian says they can go out to eat. Anthony wants to talk to her about being more open and honest with her.

Eddie says the guy Art shot is gonna live (I thought he was dead at the scene?). Jamie feels guilty about not seeing Art was on the edge. Eddie tries to encourage him. She says her call was right this time but who knows about next time. Jamie says this is on him. He doesn't want advice yet. He's still beating himself up.

Ron IDs the guys who hurt him. He's grateful to Danny. But next time don't stand your ground. Ron says he has tickets to the Rangers game if Sean can get Jennifer home before curfew.

Gormley reports Malik went to a doc-in-the-box run by a relative of the protesters. Frank says he is about to talk to Corey Veijo. Are we sure she is behind the scam? Frank tells his staff he's got this. They leave as Corey comes in.  Baker gives Corey a look before she goes.

Frank asks about Corey's info. She says there was some misunderstanding. She denies any involvement with the scam. Some of her people got overzealous.  Frank says she is an unreliable narrator. He says he engages with his opposition. He says he responds to accusations that are true. She says he is picking the faults he wants to be held accountable for. He tells her to engage honestly. 

At the family dinner, everyone is discussing what Nicky should do once she graduates. Jamie thinks she deserves a break but everyone else thinks she needs a job ASAP. Frank says you should do the things you want to do before it's too late. Danny says that takes money. Frank asks Nicky to leave the tactics behind when she leaves college. He says in the real world disrupting drowns out valid points on either side.


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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Crowd: Hey hey ho ho! You're out of touch! It's time to g!
Woman: Hey! Hands off. We stay respectful even if they don't.

Frank: I'm awarding Brian the Purple Shield.
Abigail: You're the boss.
Frank: Sometimes that's a pleasure.