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Baker is looking for Frank and so is Garrett. Apparently he ditched his security detail.

Erin recommends the maximum sentence for a drunk driver who killed a child. The defense attorney has new evidence last minute.

Danny and Baez investigate a dead basketball player with an overly enthusiastic cop.

Some guy driving with Jamie resents having to lose his desk job. They get a call to some sort of riot. The desk guy doesn't seem to know what to do and gets a knife pulled on him almost immediately. Jamie arrests the perp while the guy he was riding with stands there frozen.  

Joshua Taylor talks to the cops. He didn't know anything but assumed the dead player was in trouble since he was killed. They were both from a rough neighborhood.

Frank tells his staff that the waitress was a cop six months ago who should not have been fired and he wants reinstated even though she didn't ask to be. She was fired for racial discrimination.

The drunk driver's mother tells Erin something is wrong with her daughter. She didn't realize her daughter needed mental help. 

Jamie's new ride-along suggests he not waste money on a wedding. Buy a house instead. He tells Jamie he's not so bad like they say he is.

Danny and Baez interview some kids who say they wouldn't let Wayne mess himself up because he was a sports star. They're shocked he is dead.

Erin tells Anthony that the psychiatrist said Samantha has bipolar disorder. The psychiatrist is an expert, Erin doesn't want to put her through more than she has to by getting a second opinion. Erin feels that the fact that Samantha didn't do the drugs at a party changes everything. 

Frank goes back and offers the cop her job back. She says it sounds like it's about him making himself feel better. Frank says he regrets his mistake and it's taken him too long to make amends. She is still not interested.

Jamie suggests to Eddie they save money on the wedding by getting married at the courthouse. Eddie is upset.

Danny questions a basketball player about how he might have been jealous of Wayne. 

Erin talks to the mother of the victim about the psych report. She says that means the drugs might have been used to self-medicate. That would make it manslaughter instead of murder. Mrs. Lee considers it murder. Erin tells her the sentence may be lighter, maybe even probation.  Lee is glad to have her on her team. Erin says she isn't on a team, she represents the people of New York. Lee expects her to be on her side.

Henry doesn't believe in New Year's Resolutions. He believes in giving up things that mean something. Eddie says her resolution is to contribute to these dinners in

a way that is not like a cable news show. She says everyone is trying to prove everyone wrong. Frank's resolution is to always be right and to admit when he's wrong.

Danny does some digging and finds that some bookie likely forced Joshua to throw a game.

Frank talks to Rachel's dad who says he tried but his daughter got painted as a pariah and fired. He says that she was shattered when Frank let her go. Frank apologizes. Scott says it's not enough. Frank says she's taking classes at John Jay. Scott thinks she is treading water, looking for a job that doesn't exist -- one without risk.

Jamie's ridealong is negative and thinks having kids is a waste of money. He lives with his mom and plans to do nothing when he retires. He is lazy and doesn't to go to a call because other units are closer. They arrive at the scene of a stabbing. The other guy doesn't want to help Jamie take the guy to the hospital himself and refuses to get in the car.

Danny goes to talk to Joshua. He and Baez confront him about possibly throwing games. Danny says tell the truth so we can make a deal. Joshua says the school makes a lot of money off of them and his family is living in poverty. Wayne wouldn't cooperate with the bookie. Joshua doesn't want to tell them who the bookie is but Danny says he's going to prison if he doesn't help them.

The defense attorney claims mental state makes a difference. Erin makes a joint recommendation for probation. The mother confronts Erin and has to be dragged away by court officers.

Danny and Baez go to a house where they find Walsh holding a gun on some guy and saying that this guy stole his money and ruined the game. Baez and Danny arrest both the guys.

Frank meets Rachel at a bar. He wants to buy her a drink. She says she's meeting her dad. She gets the most expensive red there is. Frank promises this is the last time he'll bother her. He says he's trying to make amends but also he's trying to get a good cop back on the job. She tells him to stop beating himself up. He says he knows he's done all he can, but he encourages her to take risks and not be afraid of making mistakes. He promises to personally have her back.

Jamie and Eddie go out to dinner. THey go into an empty restaurant. Eddie asks if anyone even works here. Jamie tells Eddie he loves that she takes risks and she encourages him to do so as well. Eddie asks if this is an apology. Jamie says he's sorry but he is always going to be worried about the bills and the future, that's just who he is. Can she live with that? She says she can if she has to. They kiss. Jamie and Eddie decide they are going to get married in this place. They kiss.

Erin meets with Samantha's mother but says MRs. Lee is not coming but then Mrs. Lee comes in and yells at Mrs. Wright, who says it is her fault for not seeing what was going on with her kid. Mrs. Lee says she shouldn't have let her child play so close to the street. They both will be sorry forever. Mrs. Lee accepts the apology but doesn't forgive Samantha. She leaes. Erin is shocked.

Rachel is back on the beat. Frank stops his limo to talk to her. He asks her how she likes the 2-9. She says Sergeant Reagan has been especially supportive. She is proud to wear her uniform.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Frank: Rachel.
Rachel: Commissioner Reagan. Can I get you a menu?
Frank: I know what I want. I want to talk to you.
Rachel: I'm at work.
Frank: When would be a good time?
Rachel: That would be never.

She has made me wonder if God gave me four years of laughter because I couldn't stop crying after.

Mrs. Lee