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Danny is not happy to be in Central Park when they are investigating a dead body.

Henry is waiting for a package -- a present for Nicky. His phone says it's delivered but it's not outside. Sean thinks it has been stolen.

Eddie's dad calls Jamie from prison. He wants to talk in person. He asks him to do him that one favor and don't tell Eddie til after he sees him. 

Garett and Sid agree Frank is making a mistake by seeing someone. Abigail comes in and says last chance. Frank says let's have her. A woman comes in. Apparently someone is claiming to be a cop is assaulting immigrants. Garett and Frank think she might be making it up. She says the only known unknown is which cop? The woman has names and photos but all Frank and Sid will say is it will be looked into. The woman says Nicky is a young woman. Nicky is now working for the Justice Coalition Board. Frank doesn't know anything about it.

A witness is shocked Jessica died. He talked to her yesterday. She stayed to paint a sunset. He says this guy on the bike is Central Perv. Bike guy tries to run off on his bike. Danny chases him and knocks him off the bike. The guy shouts he didn't do anything.

Henry calls the delivery company. The guy dropped it off. Sean is all upset. He thinks Henry should ask his neighbors.

Central Perv says he's innocent and is a peaceful person. He had a knife, baton, and screwdriver like the one used to kill Jessica in his backpack. He says it's for self-defense. He says Jessica was nice to him. 

DNA comes back and it does not belong to Central Perv. It belongs to a guy named Steve Rhoades.

Jamie goes to see Jenko. Jenko wants to walk his little girl down the aisle. He says he will abide by every rule and condition if he can go to the wedding.  He says Eddie said in her letters she wants this. He has a stack of letters in his cell. He says whatever else he is, he's still her father. Anyway he wants to set this aside for one day to celebrate the wedding.

Steve turns out to be an identical twin. Steve doesn't know anything about Jessica being killed. His brother says they were both in the studio last night,

Maria and Danny try to create a wedge between Steve and Seth.

Henry asks some woman who agrees to look at the security footage and invites him in. She has four cameras. It turns out her granddaughter who is an addict stole the package. She is sure Alexis sold the package contents for drugs. She took her in after her mother couldn't handle her but she lied and stole. She confronted Alexis and she slapped her and ran away. Donna says Henry needs to report this. She's had enough of Alexis.

Danny goes to Erin who says he doesn't have a case because the other twin creates reasonable doubt. Jamie shows up and wants Eddie's dad to come to the wedding. Danny and Erin are happy to help. They are surprised that Eddie doesn't know about this yet. They don't think this is a good idea. They think Jamie needs to be honest and tell her this now.

Nicky comes to see Frank. She's excited about graduating, then realizes Frank knows about the job. Frank is not happy that the Justice Coalition is often against the department. Nicky thinks being a Reagan will help her show her new boss the error of her ways. Frank says that's a tall order. Nicky told her she would not be used as a spy. Frank thinks the Justice Coalition lady has an agenda. Nicky says her eyes are wide open. 

Jamie goes to Eddie and tells her about seeing her dad. Eddie denies having ever written him. She says it's always a scam with him. Jamie thinks he's genuine and has already set things in motion but it is up to Eddie.

Danny has a grudging respect for the twins. They cover for each other. Maybe  he would cover for his, maybe not.

Seth had long talks with Jessica in the weeks before she was killed, strange because she was Steve's girlfriend. That gives Danny an idea.

Henry goes to see Donna. Alexis is in the back seat of the cop car. The other people she stole from won't press charges. Donna says Alexis is conning her. But Alexis told him where the necklace was and he got it. SO maybe she does want to change. He says he has a rehab center for her. Donna says what if she runs away again? Henry says abandoning her now will be the end of her. Isn't family worth a shot? 

Alexis is allowed to see Donna. Donna hugs her and Alexis cries.

Eddie has family photos and is going to make a slideshow. Erin gave her a photo of Jamie with both his parents when he graduated.  She also has photos of her and her dad, including a photo of her as a little girl with her dad while he played his guitar. Lena thinks it's a good idea. Eddie thinks maybe it's time to make new family memories.

Henry makes a toast to Nicky for her graduation.  Sean wants a car when he graduates high school. Eddie asks about Nicky's job prospects. Everyone gets quiet. Erin is mad that Nicky didn't ask for the family's help instead of going to the Justice Coalition. Henry says that Frank can't think this is a good idea. Frank says Nicky is the same person she always was. She's been standing up to her family for two decades and he couldn't be prouder of her now.

Nicky shares a drink with Frank later. She admits she's worried. Why did Corey tell him in the first place? Frank is sure Corey is working an angle but doesn't know what. 

Eddie and Jamie come to see Eddie's dad. Eddie invites him to the wedding. She says Lena is okay with it. She seems nervous. He says he knows he doens't deserve it and hugs her. He says she always looked out for him. She gets upset and says he only says that when he needs her help. What's the con this time? He insists there's no con. Eddie goes anyway.

Danny and Maria talk to an ex-girlfriend who says that the last time she slept with Steve it was different and she wasn't into vanilla sex. Steve ghosted her after until the other night when he needed to borrow her car. SHe knew it was Steve because he kissed her.

Alexis has fatally overdosed. Donna is crying. She tells Henry that Alexis was excited last night and said she wanted to be clean and this morning she was dead. She cries she let her guard down. Henry says it's his fault. If she'd gone to jail like Donna wanted she wouldn't have got those drugs. Donna says no, you helped us.  Donna says what now? Henry says they go on. He offers his help. Donna is glad to have a neighbor she can count on. She hugs Henry.

Frank gives Corey info about the bad cop who confessed. However he won't be at her press conference. This guy was not a cop, but she should talk to the press and get credit for lighting a fire under them.  He thanks her for hiring Nicky. He has hired her brother in the NYPD. 

Danny and Maria confront the twins. They think Jessica came between the twins and one of them killed her. One of the twins suddenly shoots the other and Danny shoots the other twin.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

At my age, if you commit to standing up you have to follow through.


Danny: THis is so depressing.
Maria: What do you mean? This is Central Park, it's a beautiful day, the boats are cute.
Danny: Yeah, but we're only here because of a dead body.
Maria: You need a vacation.
Danny: Probably find a dead body there too.