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Tina needs her birth certificate to volunteer at the animal hospital, but it's locked in a safe that Bob can't find the key to.

Bob thinks he left the key in his car. He searches under his car seat, but his back seizes up and he lays down in the car. He falls asleep.

Bob dreams that he is tiny and in his glove compartment. His old rubber band squeezy ball comes to life and starts talking to him. They set out on a journey in the car to find the key to the safe.

Tina has trouble learning a hand-slapping song that everyone else seems to be able to do.

Bob and Rubber Band Squeezy Ball find a tape on Strategies for Living. Tape gives them advice on how to find the key and saves them from ants.

All of Bob's junk in his car comes together to form an electricity monster, the Shame-tricity Monster. The key to the safe is in the middle of it.

Tape tries to get the key, but it gets fried. Bob unravels some of Rubber Band Squeezy Ball to try to get away from the monster, but the monster only gets bigger.

Tina finally gets the hand-slapping song down after watching Gene, Louise, Linda, Teddy, Mr. Fischoeder, and Mort do it.

Bob gives himself a pep talk to shrink the Shame-tricity Monster and grabs the key.

He wakes up, but the key isn't in his hand. He comes to the conclusion that it's okay that he can't find the key.

Tina realizes, with her new hand-slapping skills, that she wants to join the marching band instead of volunteer at the animal hospital.

Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

Bob: Twenty percent off an oil change -- we're probably supposed to be getting those.
Teddy: When was the last time you got one?
Bob: Last year, or, um, maybe the year before. I mean, definitely since Louise was born.

Bob: I wanted to put the key on my key chain to be responsible, but I realized I left my keys in the car.
Louise: That way your car's just ready to go!