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The Belcher's are planning on going to the symphony on free concert night because Linda wants to prove she's a good mom by stimulating their brains.

There is a pinworm epidemic going on at the kids' school.

Gene comes down with pinworms before they are able to go to the symphony, but Linda is determined to still go.

Bob leaves to go get some medicine for Gene.

Gene tells Tina that he thinks he got pinworms when he dropped his tater tot in the school bathroom, Peter Pescadero picked it up for him, and Gene ate it.

Tina remembers high-fiving Gene after he left the bathroom, so she now believes she has pinworms as well.

Bob returns to Linda taping mittens onto Gene's and Tina's hands so they can go to the symphony.

Bob gets his dress shoes, but Gene tells him that he was wearing those shoes the other day and might have scratched some "stuff" with them. Bob now believes he has pinworms.

Louise is convinced Linda has worms too and runs away from them.

Linda finds her out on the fire escape. Louise manages to get past her and they run around the hamster slide the kids made until Linda falls down on top if it and breaks it.

Bob convinces Linda that their kids aren't that bad and they did a good job raising them.

All of them take the pinworm medicine and plan to rebuild the hamster slide.

Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

Louise: Well, how are we supposed to concentrate at school anyway? We're in the middle of a pinworm epidemic. There are pinworms crawling through kids' stomachs, laying eggs in their anuses, and I'm supposed to be able to think about what two plus two equals?
Bob: Wait, is that what you're being taught in math right now?
Louise: Butt worms, Dad! That's what I'm being taught!

Linda: I was at the vagina-cologist in the waiting room reading that parenting magazine "Modern Swaddling," and it said you're supposed to play classical music for babies to stimulate their brains and stuff! We never exposed you to any classical music when you were babies, just a bunch of Billy Joel. You have baby Billy Joel brains!
Gene: But you did expose us to a lot of your Uptown Girls. Bosoms.