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A time capsule at Wagsaff that was buried fifty years ago is opened.

Louise wants to win tickets for Boyz 4 Now on the radio.

Mr. Frond asks Tina to coordinate a new time capsule to be buried at Wagstaff.

Teddy finds out that Linda can't whistle and that Bob can't roll his "R's."

Tina is picky about what goes into the time capsule.

Henry Haber wins the last two tickets to the Boyz 4 Now concert.

Tammy decides to do her own time capsule and plans to open it in a week opposed to fifty years. Everyone decides to do Tammy's time capsule instead of Tina's.

Henry wants to put his two Boyz 4 Now tickets in Tina's time capsule since Susmita doesn't want to go with him. Tammy puts them in her time capsule instead.

Tina, Louise, and Gene dig up the time capsules. Louise copies the tickets and puts the copies in Tammy's time capsule.

Tammy and Jocelyn catch them because they were going to take the tickets. Louise gives them another pair of fake tickets.

Tina and Louise fight over putting the real tickets into Tina's time capsule. Tina agrees to go to the show with Louise.

Teddy makes Bob and Linda make up after they were fighting over Linda not being able to whistle and Bob not being able to roll his "R's."

TIna and Louise can't get into the concert. They find out Susmita dug up the real tickets before they could and left fakes behinds.

Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Tina's killing it up there. And by "it," I mean "my interest."


Mr. Frond: Get ready for the time capsule that was buried at Wagstaff fifty years ago! Thank you, Mr. Branca, for digging it up.
Mr. Branca: Not my job, but it's okay.
Jocelyn: Oh, I thought there was a guy buried there named Tim Capsule.