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Rockwell, a criminal from a previous episode, is set to be executed in 48 hours.

Aubrey has been invited to Sunday dinner. Booth can’t get a hold of Brennan, and decides to head to the lab to get her. Aubrey offers to watch Christine while he goes.

Brennan is concerned that Rockwell isn’t the killer and is examining new x-rays. Booth, Brennan, and Caroline ask the judge for help, and she allows remains to be exhumed.

Booth goes to see Rockwell, but Rockwell has given up all hope and won’t cooperate. Hodgins and Cam debate the death penalty while examining evidence. Hodgins finds out that Angela wants to move to Paris. Angela admits she’s like to get away from all the murder and just paint.

Booth wakes up with an idea, realizing there is a connection between the dates of the deaths. After getting a warrant, Booth and Aubrey find a new victim, but the area is dangerous. Cam, Hodgins, and Fuentes examine the remains while wearing hazmat suits.

Despite the evidence, the judge still will not stay the execution. The team continues to work, and finally find evidence that leads them to the owner of the baker, Flenders. Rockwell is saved just in time.

Hodgins tells Angela he agrees with her idea of moving to Paris, and gives her a list of bigger houses they might like to choose from.

Booth and Brennan talk about the case, and Booth says he no longer agrees in the death penalty.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

You know, if you want, I can watch the mini-Booth.


I just started imagining what our lives would be like without all this death, and shadow governments, and serial killers. What a life would be like without my best friend's house getting shot up. Where you could maybe teach and the Sorbonne, and I could paint stuff. Doesn't that sound nice?