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How's that for a Thursday evening? Back-to-back episodes of Bones are certainly a treat, especially when it means we get to see Brennan learn something new about herself.

While Bones Season 10 Episode 17  and Bones Season 10 Episode 18 focus on very different cases, both episodes show Brennan dealing with fear and change as her pregnancy progresses.

On "The Lost in the Found," the team investigates the murder of a private high school student who was treated poorly by her peers. Brennan immediately feels as though she can identify with the victim, having also felt isolated and different as a teenager. Though we're ten seasons into this series, it's nice that there is actually still a lot to learn about Temperance Brennan. This isn't the first time we've heard her mention what it was like for her in high school, but we certainly haven't gotten all of those details.

In addition, Brennan insists that she is only three months pregnant, while everyone else knows she has to be further along. So why in the world is she in denial? I'll admit, for a brief moment, I started wondering if this meant the baby wasn't Booth's, but it doesn't seem like that's where we're headed. Whew!

Brennan: I want you to know that I remember every single time we've made love.
Booth: Wow. Right. Yeah, that came out of nowhere. I guess I'm flattered.

Instead, as Angela points out, Brennan is trying to control and uncontrollable situation. Bringing a new baby into the world is scary enough, after all, when you've never actually had someone try to kill you.

The case itself is unbelievably tragic, and can only lead Brennan to feel a little more scared. It turns out, the murder victim actually wasn't murdered. She numbed herself, then killed herself with a pair of scissors to set up the mean girls at her school. Just.... wow.

Brennan's need to control a situation, and perhaps make the world a little better, may even be the reason she's so focused on the next case on "The Verdict in the Victims."

She realizes that a case she and Booth worked on earlier this season on Bones Season 10 Episode 13 led them to send the wrong man to prison. Now, that man, Rockwell, is set to be executed in 48 hours, so they race the clock to save an innocent man.

It seems like this particular storyline is used at least once in every crime procedural, but it's one that is always interesting to watch. There's the suspense of racing the clock -- will they get the evidence in time? But there's also a bigger question -- is the death penalty right or wrong?

I appreciate that several characters actually debate that issue, and Booth even admits to changing his stance on it by the end of the episode. The other thing I appreciate is that "The Verdict in the Victims" references a story from earlier in the season, by revisiting a character that had previously been put away. Typically, we see the murder admit to the crime or be arrested, and then it's on to another case the next week. I like seeing this episode bring one of those stories back to life, and it's something I wish were done a little more often.

Angela is also dealing with her own issues in this episode, and we're reminded of the Angela who is an artist and wants to see the beauty in the world. Now that she and Hodgins have money, she's considering what it would be like to move away to Paris.

I just started imagining what our lives would be like without all this death, and shadow governments, and serial killers. What a life would be like without my best friend's house getting shot up. Where you could maybe teach and the Sorbonne, and I could paint stuff. Doesn't that sound nice?


Well, that may just be where this story is heading. Hodgins is open to the idea, bringing Angela photos of more homes in Paris they might want to consider living in. Honestly, while it's sad to think about them leaving, this is a happy ending I'd like to see happen for Angela and Hodgins.

Other Thoughts:

  • Is Aubrey the best babysitter in the world, or what? He's great with Christine, and I also like that he's being invited to Sunday dinner.
  • I don't know how I feel about Daisy considering a date, but I am happy that Sweets is continuing to be remembered in different ways throughout this season.

What did you think of these episodes of Bones? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Lost in the Found Review

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Bones Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Well look at this. The woman who is definitely not six months pregnant needs to sit.


Brennan: I want you to know that I remember every single time we've made love.
Booth: Wow. Right. Yeah, that came out of nowhere. I guess I'm flattered.