Bones Season 11 Episode 3 Review: The Donor in the Drink

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Booth faced some unnecessary angst over his brother’s remains in Bones Season 11 Episode 3 as Jared’s ashes went missing. 

Poor Booth. Not only couldn’t he save his brother, he couldn’t even keep track of his ashes. For someone who likes to be in control as much as Booth, that had to add to his grief. 

Not surprisingly, Booth and Brennan had completely opposite reactions to talking to their daughter about death. Brennan openly talked about Jared’s ashes while Booth looked on, horrified. But as Brennan said in this Bones quote...

The more openly a culture embraces death the less anxiety they associate with it.


To little Christine’s credit, she hardly looked fazed. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brennan had explained the basics of death and decomposition to her at a fairly young age. 

The dead man in the fish farm turned my stomach, but obviously Brennan was thrilled to be back at work handing grotesque, partially liquefied remains. 

The black market organ harvesting story was disturbing on so many levels. Over 120,000 people in America are waiting for organs to save their lives, and most of them will die before they arrive. Although it may have been wrong, I completely understood why that father would pay for an illegal organ to save his daughter. It must be a horrifying position to be in. 

Even Nina, as wrong as she was to profit from other people’s misery, still believed what she was doing was right because she was saving lives. 

Apparently people sell all kinds of things from their bodies. Organs (illegally) but blood, sperm, eggs and even feces (I don’t even want to know) are all up for sale. 

Cam was facing her own sadness over the end of her relationship with Arastoo. Was she annoyed with her friends for trying to make her feel better or at herself for not missing Arastoo more than she would her job? I found it interesting that she chose to share her feelings with Brennan, the one person who would probably understand how much her profession means to her because it means that much to Brennan. 

I figured that Tim, the assistant, was the killer the first time we saw him. Maybe it has to do with his previous role as a lab rat on CSI. 

Back to Booth, I was proud of Aubrey for giving him back his office even though he didn’t have to do so. It was the right thing to do given how much Booth was going through and Aubrey did try to find Jared’s ashes; although I believe the delivery company would have opened that box before handing it over. Also, it wasn’t very nice of Booth to ditch someone else’s marmalade.

The best scene was at the end when Brennan showed Booth that Christine had been using the box to get to her baby brother. 

Booth: That girl really loves her brother doesn't she?
Brennan: Yes, she does.

Watching his own children has to be the best medicine to combat Booth’s grief. 

Check back in on Monday to see what our Bones Round Table Team thought of tonight’s episode and check back next week for Bones Season 11 Episode 4.

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The Donor in the Drink Review

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Bones Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Thank God for handlebar mustaches, is something I never thought I'd say.


The more openly a culture embraces death the less anxiety they associate with it.