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A woman’s body is found after a mudslide. Hodgins thinks she was left in a shallow grave. The rod in her leg leads Angela to identify her as Lola Marshall, who was in prison in West Virginia for dealing crack. She had been moved to a halfway but disappeared two weeks ago. 

Lola’s roommate at the halfway house says she worked too hard at her new life to go back to drugs but worried about Kenny Johnson, the dealer she turned state’s evidence against. Booth believes he knows Kenny from his own time in prison. Booth thinks he’s a good guy because he was stabbed protecting Booth in prison but Aubrey still considers him a suspect. 

Hodgins and Cam figure out that Lola was shot but they don’t know when. Tar on her shoes leads them to believe she visited the Arlington State Co-ops. Injuries to the hands and feet lead Brennan to believe that Lola may have been buried alive and fought to get out. Jessica finds that Lola had given birth many years ago. Booth and Brennan interview her daughter whom she gave up. The daughter, Kalani is now pregnant and that Lola offered to help take care of them both. She says the last time she saw Lola, she had to leave early to meet Kenny. 

Turns out Kenny was Kalani’s father. Lola only told him a month ago. He decides to help try and make a family with his daughter and granddaughter.

In Lola and Jasmine’s room at the halfway house, they find blood on a lamp and drugs inside of it. They arrest Jasmine but she’s covering for someone else. Thomas Hemingway, the manager was running drugs out of the halfway house. When Lola refused to do it and threatened to turn him in, he beat her and shot her. 

Brennan is called into an FBI hearing to answer for punching a suspect. When she shows no remorse, she’s told she might be suspended or even banned from working on cases with the FBI. Later, Brennan comes back and asks for a second chance. The board puts her on six months probation, supervised by Booth whom will be held accountable if she has another incident in that time frame. Brennan doesn’t want to take that deal but Booth jumps at it. 

Aubrey and Jessica almost have their first kiss but are interrupted by a call about a murder and Aubrey ends up with a nose bleed. Jessica and Aubrey both worry that maybe their relationship isn’t meant to be because they’re moving so slowly. They decide moving slowly is okay for them but when Aubrey has to pull Jessica out of the way of a speeding car, the two share a passionate kiss.

After another fight with Hodgins, and Angela begins having sex dreams about Sebastian who she plans to meet about her photos.  Hodgins hears her saying Sebastian’s name in her sleep. Later, Hodgins hands her papers signing over everything he owns and allowing her to be free to move in. Angela calls it a cowards move and one she won’t allow him to make.

Later, Hodgins find Angela crying alone at home. He takes her hand to comfort her. 

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Bones Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

We wouldn't be happily married if we gave up after that first awkward moment.


Jessica: Nothing says romantic like having your first kiss interrupted by murder.
Aubrey: Or dirty street water.