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A dead woman found in the park but the body is not normal. The killer removed her skin, soaked it and then scraped away the fat, much like a taxidermist. He also repositioned the body several time and lived with the body for six months. 

The victim is Allison Monroe, a 42 year old social worker whose husband’s reported her missing six months ago. In her purse they find a Bible, a tube of lipstick that the killer used on the body after she was dead and a mix cassette tape but her husband says the Bible and tape were not hers. 

Arastoo finds holes that were drilled into the victim’s bones. It reminds him of another case her worked on where remains were found in another park. Both victim’s have holes and chipped teeth because the killer spoon fed them after they were dead. 

Allison’s files lead Booth and Brennan to George Gibbons home. Allison turned George down to be a foster parent several times because of his criminal record. His home is filled with cats and he pulls a knife on Booth but Brennan scares him by using a sound app on her phone to make it sound as though she has a gun trained on him. 

Angela finds a video camera hidden in the home and a high end watch engraved with Love Always, GHS is found in cat food. It belonged to Douglas Bernhardt, a retired high school principal.

Gibbons can’t be the killer because he faints as the sight of blood but they think he’s an accomplice. Angela finds that the cameras in the house were still transmitting and the real killer may know about their investigation. 

Allison’s body looks as though she was tortured but the Tox screen shows that a drug was used to kill her peacefully.

Gibbons says that the killer is holding one of his cats and will kill him if he talks. He says the killer is smarter than anyone. He’s terrified. Later he hangs himself in his cell.

Turns out the drill holes in the bones are not from torture. The killer strung up is bodies, turning them into horrifying marionettes.

Arastoo turned down the job in Berlin. Cam decides to break up with Sebastian.

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Bones Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

Angela: These days he's not respectful to the living, I'm not sure why the dead would be any different.
Hodgins: Well for one thing, she doesn't talk back.

You ever think you’re a little cray cray yourself?