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Booth thinks that Brennan watching Flyers games with him is bad luck as they’ve lost the last six games that she’s watched with him. Brennan thinks that jinxes are ridiculous and insists on watching the game with him but looks up other ways to break the supposed jinx in order to make Booth happy. 

Angela finds out that Hodgins lied and he has no neural connectivity. He hasn’t shown up for physical therapy in a week. He’s angry at the world and taking it out on Angela. He even goes so far as to tell Angela to leave because his attitude won't change any time soon. 

Body found in an old, burned out car. Angela is able to get an ID, Emil Bradford from a microchip from a melted credit card. Emil had old injuries that have the team wondering if he was a victim of spousal abuse as they coincide with his divorce.

Emil was an active member of a men’s rights group called Men Now. He believed that feminists’ secret plan was to get rid of the male species. 

Leah Merino, the head of Women for Change says Emil was harassing her until two weeks ago when he stopped. He was helping build a class action lawsuit against doctors who perform circumcision on babies. Dr. Pamela Gould was so angry she smashed his headlights but she says she talked to Emil and they eventually came to an understanding. He even said he was considering ending his ties with Men Now. 

Turns out Emil’s cell phone picked up a hotspot right before he died. It was Karen Walter’s hotspot. When they interview Karen, her husband Paul says hateful things to Brennan. When it looks as though Booth might hit him, Brennan steps in and punches Paul first. 

Brennan figures out the Emil was hit in the head with an iron. 

Karen Walters helped Emil shut off his ex-wife’s security system so that he could get proof that his ex had a man living with her so that he could stop paying alimony. Gail and her lover killed Emil but each is blaming the other. 


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Bones Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

No, I have plenty of feeling. Anger, rage, biting sarcasm, although I'm not sure that last one is a feeling or just a really pissy attitude.


Arms work fine, it's the rest of me that's the problem.