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A body is found in a garbage bag and run over by a street sweeper. The victim had hair plugs and high end dental veneers. An official pin leads them to the victim being identified as Senator Rick O’Malley. He was once the general manager for a coal mining company and kept strong ties with that community. 

Aubrey tells Booth he’s considering to run for public office eventually. He has a ten year plan. 

Rick’s wife said he went into public office to save local coal mining jobs but was struggling on what to do about the vote on the debt ceiling bill coming up. One of the provisions would have hurt the miners from his community.  

Jessica and Aubrey have been binge watching BSG together. Aubrey is asked to run a background check on her because the victim is a Senator. He finds out that she used to do drugs and she was involved in some questionable incidents while working with Green Peace. Jessica worries that their relationship is ending before it’s even started but in the end they both decide to take the chance and see where things go. 

Both the Senator’s wife and the Majority Whip, Senator Hayley Winters, and his illegitimate daughter are all suspects. 

Brennan and Angela determine that the murder weapon had different shaped sides and eventually realize that it was the shape of the state of Virginia. It was also made out of coal which would have left a blue stain on the cut of the killer’s hand. 

Eric, the Senator’s assistant has a cut on his hand. He was angry that the Senator wasn’t going to vote for the new debt ceiling bill and worried he’d never see the big picture. He was also having an affair with the Senator’s wife. 

Booth wants a TV in the bedroom but Brennan is afraid it will impact their sex life. In the end, she relents and leases one but says she’ll send it back if their bedroom activity diminishes. 

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So sex is going to make us smarter and help us solve the crime.