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A victim is found in Rock Creek Park, being eaten by rats. There is little to no blood in the body. 


The victim is Aldo Clemmons, he was the chaplain in Booth’s Army unit. He married Booth and Brennan. Booth hadn’t seen Aldo in over a year and his body reveals that he was a heroin addict who had sustained multiple injuries and beatings. Booth feels responsible for not being there for Aldo.  


Aldo’s neck was broken, but it appears that he was being eaten by rats even before he died. Someone used a torture device that used rats to eat through Aldo’s body. Booth and Brennan find the device and the table that Aldo was strapped to in an abandoned recording studio. They also find newspaper clippings and information about Aldo, as well as an x-ray of a skull with a precise bullet wound.  Before they can gather the evidence, Booth notices a bomb set to explode.


Booth and Brennan make it out just as the entire building goes up in flames. Other than the photos that Brennan took with her phone, all evidence is destroyed. The photos help determine that Aldo was able to loosen his restraints just enough to break his own neck and kill himself. 


Booth believes that the x-ray was of a Bosnian general whom he shot and killed as a sniper. Killing the general saved many lives, but it was done in front of his son, who is now a grown man. Booth thinks that Aldo killed himself in order to save Booth. He also tells Brennan that he believes the son will continue to try and hunt him down to get his revenge.


Caroline tells Aubrey that his father has resurfaced in the states and appears to be headed towards D.C. Aubrey says that if his father makes contact with him, he will turn him in once again. Later he assures Jessica that he is not his father and would never abandoned someone he’s committed to the way his father did he and his mother. 

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Early exposure to e-coli bacteria is beneficial to the development of children's immune systems.


I already turned him in once, so it will be even easier the second time.