Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 6 Online to see the team investigate a powerful case. Meanwhile, there's tension brewing beween Cam and Arastoo.

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Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 6 Online to see the team investigate a powerful murder case that deals with human trafficking.

Meanwhile, Cam and Arastoo have their own tensions as Cam oversteps her bounds in their relationship. Arastoo is excited to have decided on a dissertation topic, but Dr. Brennan tells him she doesn't approve of it. Cam oversteps by trying to talk to Brennan on his behalf, and tensions arise when Arastoo finds out. But the bigger issue here is that they disagree on when they might get married -- and Arastoo's mother has been dropping hints. Will Arastoo forgive Cam? And what about his dissertation?

As for the murder investigation this week, it begins with some comedy as Hodgins chases a goat for evidence. But the team quickly learns that this case is bigger than they imagined. The emotional case affects each character in a different way, including Booth and Aubrey.

So who did it? The reason for this particular murder is shocking, and the murderer is probably not who you would expect. You'll have to watch the episode to find out who it was, so stop what you are doing and watch Bones Season 10 Episode 6 right now via TV Fanatic!

Episode Details

When a maid is murdered on Bones Season 10 Episode 6, her wealthy boss and her illegal status complicate the investigation.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (54 Votes)
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Bones Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey, Aubrey! Bag any excrement you can find!


Angela: Sweetie, I'm sure he's sweating bullets.
Brennan: That's impossible to do.