Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13 Review: The Bimbo

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Things get messy both in and out of the precinct on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

In a turn of events, Jake helps Holt prove his intelligence to someone who had recently underestimated him. 

PDA - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

Meanwhile, in an attempt to raise morale, Terry and Amy end up in a competition to see who can provide the best lunch for their squad. 

Who comes out victorious? Let's find out!

There was a good bit of role reversal on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13.

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In the entirety of the series, Captain Holt has always been a mentor and father-like figure to Jake. 

Jake is still the same comical and light-hearted guy as always, but Holt has helped him mature in all the ways that matter.

Sir, wait! Oh, I didn't know I was going to catch up to you so fast. I don't know what to say now, I thought I'd have more running time to formulate it.


That's why Jake helping Holt improve upon his weaknesses was such a satisfying change.

Jake has always had a lot to learn from Holt, but Holt has a lot to learn from Jake as well.

They both have drastically different strengths, but neither of them is less important than the other.

Their ability to play off of each other's strong points is precisely what makes their dynamic so endearing. 

Underestimated  - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

Captain Holt doesn't get embarrassed easily.

He knows that he earned his place as captain of the precinct despite all the obstacles he has faced along the way. 

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His slip-up with Dean Allister at the university seemed to take a surprisingly large toll on him. 

The Dean was an infuriating character, and Holt, who never stutters, couldn't even form a proper sentence in his presence. 

Kevin had initially asked Jake to work on the case without the Captain, claiming that he was worried Holt might not be able to focus on the task at hand properly. 

When a case involves me, he can get a little overemotional.


But as soon as Jake realized what was going on, the case quickly became less of a job and more of a way for Jake to help his boss prove his intelligence to the Dean. 

Hiding Out - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

When it came to shock factor on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13, it was easy for the audience to predict who committed the crime.

There were only two suspects, and one was a bit more evident than the other. 

Randy: We're actually all staffed-up in maintenance.
Jake: We don't want your job, Randy!

The moment Randy, the janitor, was introduced it became clear that he was either working alongside the Dean or had committed the crime himself.

Randy was the only other character viewers heard from at the university (not including the Harry Potter-themed acapella group).

Therefore, it only made sense that he would be playing a more significant role in the story. 

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Holt may not have cracked the case on his first try, but all the failer did was lead him to success. 

Jake had some insightful things to say to his boss, which opened his eyes about what was going on. 

Lying in Wait  - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

It was Jake's words of wisdom that got Holt's head back in the game and led him to solve the case for real. 

You can use this. There are benefits to being underestimated.


It was tough to see Holt getting belittled by a character who knows nothing about him.

That made Holt solving the case and Kevin proudly boasting about his husband all the more satisfying. 

And of course, we can't forget Terry and Amy's lunch-a-bunch competition. 

Raising Morale  - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a series that always manages to be comical.

Although it sounds like a given that a show labeled as a comedy can elicit a laugh, it takes a lot more than being characterized under a specific genre to get the desired reaction from the audience.

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But Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been able to mold their characters so precisely that the mention of something as simple as Terry and his yogurt will have viewers chuckling.

Charles: Your yogurt's spoiled.
Terry: Who did this?!

It's not necessarily the situations that are amusing, but rather the characters' reactions to them given their well-established personalities.

Amy Santiago's role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13 is a great example. 

Lunch-A-Bunch - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13

Take any television character and put them in a competition, and they will entertain viewers. But play off of Amy's competitive nature and adorable dorkiness, and comedy is sure to ensue. 

Team Santiago, let's lunch-a-bunch!


As a result of their incredible cast of characters, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will continue to be a success for years down the line.

It doesn't matter what situation arises as long as the characters are there to play off of it and bring it to the next level.

Alright, Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13?

Hit the comments section down below and let us know! 

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The Bimbo Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Charles: Your yogurt's spoiled.
Terry: Who did this?!

When a case involves me, he can get a little overemotional.