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Amy and Jake announce their pregnancy to the squad, who already knew.

Jake has a drink with his father. His dad, Rob, tells him about the Peralta family curse, in which sons never get along with their fathers. 

Amy finds out that the case she'd given to Hitchcock and Scully is important to the mayor.

Jake tries to fix his dad's relationship with his grandfather, The Admiral.

Terry practices playing the flute to audition for the NYPD band. He asks Holt for help, but he declines.

Rob goes in to punch The Admiral when he sees him, but hits Jake by mistake.

Rob and The Admiral rehash old drama. Jake suggests they read Bruce Willis's book on parenting.

Hitchcock and Scully forgot to write down the contact information of the lead witness in the mayor's case.

Jake's dad and grandpa begin to bond over old memories.

Holt agrees to help Terry improve on the flute. His style of teaching is very critical and intense.

Jake's dad knocks over Jake and Amy's sex reveal cake. They attempt to clean it up without seeing the color, but find out it's a boy anyway.

Charles comes to help them clean it up and bake a new cake for Amy.

Hitchcock and Scully tell Rosa and Amy that they didn't write down the witness's name because he was undocumented.

Terry gets fed up with Holt's help and quits.

The gender reveal party is a disaster. The new cake is colored green, and Amy finds out what happened.

Amy has to discipline Hitchcock and Scully, and gives them a week of paid suspension.

Holt shows up at Terry's audition and puts in a good word. Terry makes the band by default.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Charles: Fun! Terry's playing the flute.
Holt: At work? Who are you, William Wonka?

You gave Hitchcock and Scully an important case?