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Terry and Amy are going to an administration workshop for the NYPD. 

Jake is left in charge for the day. Terry trusts that Jake is more mature now since he's married and trying to become a father. 

Jake's insulted by this, so he decides to bring back the Jimmy Jab Games to prove he's still immature. 

The squad competes for a vacation day off. 

With Gina gone, the games need a host. Charles begs for the honor to have his "Greatest Showman" moment. 

However, the game needs a certain amount of players so Charles recruits Debbie to take his spot. 

Charles sings an extremely long number for the opening ceremony with costume changes. 

Hitchcock and Jake make a bet: if Hitchcock wins he gets Jake and Amy's new car, if Jake wins Hitchcock will do his paperwork for a year. 

Amy stays for the games to make sure they don't lose their car.

The first round consists of throwing cold-cuts at a window. Debbie is eliminated after an allergic reaction to turkey.

Hitchcock reveals he's taking several of Scully's medicines to help him win the game.

Holt and Rosa compete in an insult battle to figure out why Rosa's so intent on winning. 

Round two consists of finding the best hiding spot so a police dog can't find them. Scully is eliminated.

In round three the squad has to fight for a spot in the elevator while wearing bomb suits. Jake is injured from hiding in the ceiling in the previous round.

Amy sacrifices her spot in the elevator for Jake so they won't lose the car.

Charles convinces Debbie to perform with him in the closing ceremony.

Holt thinks Rosa is going to propose to Jocelyn, but instead Rosa admits that Jocelyn broke up with her. She wants the day off to listen to death metal and get over her.

In round four, they have to untangle cords and scooter across the room. 

Holt and Rosa forfeit to go listen to death metal together. 

Jake injures himself again. He admits he made the bet so he could spend more time with a baby if he doesn't have paperwork. 

The final round is an obstacle course. Both Jake and Hitchcock struggle with it, but Jake ultimately wins.

Debbie uncomfortably sings a song to close out the games. 

Charles tells her she can do anything she puts her mind to. So, she steals guns and cocaine from the NYPD. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Charles: It's my time to shine. It's my Greatest Showman moment.
Jake: Charles, you can't.
Charles: You know who else they told you can't? Lettie Lutz, bearded lady. Then Mr. Barnum gave her a stage. Give me my stage, Jacob.
Jake: Wait, so you're the bearded lady?
Charles: No, I'm Barnum, you're Zac Efron and everyone else is one of my freaks!

Holt: Count me in. I could really use this day off to spend some time with my husband.
Rosa: Please, we all have loved ones. You're not getting any sympathy 'cause you're gay.
Jake: Rosa, I don't think he was--
Holt: No I was. She saw right through me.