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  • Safe Space has new security measures with magic detectors
  • Harry leaves Macy before Maggie and Mel catch them hooking up
  • Harry suggests they wake up his darklighter since he has inside information
  • Julian admits this his aunt sent the darklighter to hunt down the Charmed Ones
  • The Charmed Ones search for a retired witch to help them at the direction of the only living Elder
  • Julian and his Aunt are frustrated to find out he's having trouble breaking though the walls and floors during ther reconstruction of Safe Space
  • Mel realizes her fling is a witch who is in the witness protection program, and convinces her to give her the marble she needs
  • Julian finds out his sister, who he hought was dead, is awake
  • Maggie and Macy jump into the marble but Mel doesn't make it through
  • The elder reminds Harry that his relationship with Macy is forbidden 
  • The elder believes the Charmed ones may be dealing with the second coming of The Conquerer
  • A flashback shows thar Julian's aunt is Jimmy's master
  • Juliam's aunt tells Julian that black amber can be used to heal
  • The Elder performs a spell that brings back Jimmy
  • Jimmy and Harry get into a physical altercation, but Jimmy is captured 
  • Harry asks Maggie to change his feelings



Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I assure you, I will never let my feelings get in the way of my duty.


The day we found magic, I thought we were going to change the world