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Julian releases a video stating that Macy is missing and offers a million-dollar reward for whoever finds her.

Maggie tells Jordan to stay away from them until they deal with the Faction.

Macy proposes using the Clarion potion on Julian to convince him that magic is not real, and he can spread that idea to the rest of the Faction.

Florence's ghost appears to Jordan and tells him that he has to save a descendant of the Tulipe witches to balance the scales.

Harry and Macy go to Ragnar Row to get an ingredient they need for the potion -- a Siren's tongue.

Maggie accidentally uses her new powers to make Mel calm down, but she becomes too chill.

Jordan goes to Abigael to enlist her help in finding a Tulipe witch.

Harry and Macy meet Hildegrim at the market, who tricks them into giving him Macy's diamond necklace and Harry's shoes and runs away.

Harry tells Macy that he asked Maggie to take away his feelings for Macy.

Maggie tries to reverse Mel's feelings but ends up filling her up with endless hope, which gives her an idea of making Jimmy help them.

Harry and Macy find Hildegrim, and he gets them the tongue. They finish making the potion.

Jimmy tells the sisters that Rosemary, Julian's sister, is alive. They make a deal, and Jimmy retrieves Julian and brings him back to their house, trapping him there.

Jordan and Abigael find a witch who is being kept prisoner by an ogre. The witch, Eleanor, is trapped in a painting. They manage to free her.

Macy doesn't want to have to use the potion on Julian. So, Harry and Macy orb to Rosemary's bedside to prove that black amber is not saving her and magic is not the solution to all the world's problems.

Maggie and Mel give Jimmy the Clarion potion so that he can change the way he sees himself as well as the world sees him.

Macy proves that Julian's aunt, Vivienne, used Zolpidem and not black amber to make it seem like Rosemary was getting better.

She shows the evidence to Julian, and he agrees to help them take down Vivienne.

Jimmy wakes up in England.

Vivienne obtains something that will help her steal magic.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Jimmy: Is this the part where bad cop makes an empty threat?
Mel: No, Jimmy. This is the part where you give me the word, or I melt you into a puddle, wipe you up, and throw you into the trash.

Hildegrim: I could guide you there if you like, but you understand my services come at a high price, too.
Harry: Oh, let me guess, one of our souls? Hmm? Perhaps possession of our bodies for a day?
Hildegrim: What? No, weirdo.