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Six days after the events of the last episode, Macy kills a monster with a magical knife.

She returns to the Command Center. This was the one hundred and eighty-third creature they've killed since they blew open the Tomb of Chaos.

Josefina shows Mel a Bruja's Ladder, a magic rope. It's supposed to neutralize the powers of any magical being.

Macy injures her shoulder, and Harry can't heal it.

A green substance drops from Macy's knife and forms into a worm.

Maggie has a premonition that scares her. She uses her empath abilities to give her confidence.

Mel tries to vanquish another creature, but when she does, two beings appear and force her to retreat to the Command Center. They follow her through the portal.

One of the beings grabs Harry's head and he passes out. Mel uses the Bruja's ladder, which traps them.

Macy faints from the pain from her shoulder wound.

Harry wakes up. He touches Mel and realizes his powers are gone.

Maggie takes on a creature that looks like her -- a doppelganger.

Josefina guards the beings while Mel and Harry leave to save Maggie and Macy. She begs the beings to activate her powers. They start humming.

Harry uses a potion to heal Macy.

Mel helps Maggie fight her doppelganger. They feed off fear and self-doubt, but only when they get someone alone. They vanquish the doppelganger together.

The beings' humming lights up the tablet. Josefina frees them.

The Charmed Ones and Harry find everyone at SafeSpace passed out, including Josefina.

Josefina wakes up and stops them from trying to kill the beings. She tells them that they are trying to learn their world through touch.

The beings, Aladria and Mo, kill the worm. Having learned English, they tell them that they created the Tomb of Chaos and are called the Perfecti.

They give Harry his powers back and seal the rift.

Aladria and Mo explain how and why they created the Tomb of Chaos.

They also know what's causing their allergy, and they can cure it.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Josefina: Check it out.
Mel: It's just rope?
Josefina: That's like saying Ariana Grande is just a singer.

Hold on to your broomsticks.