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Macy finds the fungus they need to stop the Whispering Evil from affecting anyone else in the Cave of Ancients. She takes a sample of it.

The Whispering Evil finds her and tries to possess her. Macy injects the fungus and seemingly kills the Whispering Evil. It leaves behind a Tomb symbol.

Harry finds Macy passed out in the Command Center. He and Jordan bring her back to the house.

Harry figures out that the Whispering Evil died inside of Macy. He believes a Whitelighther could heal her. He leaves with Jordan to find Celeste to get his powers back.

Mel and Maggie perform a lifeline spell from the Book of Shadows to stabilize Macy. They are transported into a dreamscape of a carnival with Macy.

Celeste tells Harry that he has to die at the hands of a mortal to become a Whitelighter again.

From the carnival, the sisters are transported to a skydiving plane.

After jumping out of the plane, they are transported to a picnic. A storm approaches after Macy falls asleep. They wake her up and convince her to continue the dream.

The three of them are transported on a road trip.

Harry, Jordan, and Celeste go back to the Command Center. Harry and Celeste brew up a potion called the Stillness. It's the most deadly magical potion.

Jordan uses the Stillness to kill Harry. Celeste tries to bring Harry back as a Whitelighter, but it's not working.

Macy falls asleep behind the wheel, causing her to almost run over a woman. Mel and Maggie wake up in the house. They find Macy in her wedding dress.

The Guardian marries Macy and Harry in the dreamscape. She was also the woman in the road and the pilot of the plane.

They are transported to Macy and Harry taking care of their baby. The Guardian shows up again. 

Jordan uses a defibrillator to try to bring Harry back. Celeste uses her magic to give more power to the machine. Harry wakes up.

The Guardian talks with Macy.

The lifeline spell breaks. Mel and Maggie wake up. Harry arrives and heals Macy, but she's still sick.

Macy explains to Harry that the fungus wasn't the fatal part of her condition. When the Whispering Evil died, it was like a supernova that exploded inside of Macy at a cellular level.

There is nothing they can do. Macy will die. They all say their goodbyes.

Macy, Mel, and Maggie go to the Black Amber tree where they are met by the Guardian. She welcomes Macy, and Macy dies.

Mel and Maggie go home. Future Mel comes and takes her baby back. She goes back to the future.

While Jordan is holding Maggie, a cut on her finger heals.

Mel and Maggie find Harry at the tree. The Guardian appears and tells them that they have another sister.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Jordan: Why don't you just run in front of a car?
Harry: Because it'll hurt!

Macy: My dad used to take me to the carnival every summer. I'd ride the carousel over and over again till I was dizzy. I used to watch all of the families. Moms and dads. Brothers and sisters. I always wished I had a sister to go on the rides with me.
Mel: Now you do. Two of them.
Macy: Yeah, I do.