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The sisters wake up separately in the Tomb of Chaos, a prison world for the ancient monsters. They don't have their powers.

Mel and Macy find Maggie, but she doesn't recognize them. She has lost her mind.

A blast of light comes through the room.

They realize they are still allergic to one another.

Maggie has been there for forty-two sleeps.

Maggie shows them the gathering space where she keeps the notes she wrote when she started to forget things. One note sparks a memory that plays out in front of them.

It shows Macy telling Maggie and Jordan that the Shea Group rejected her proposal for a nonprofit legal clinic at SafeSpace. Maggie gets a text from Mel saying that she found out a way to access the monster prison.

Maggie triggers another memory, separating the sisters. Mel is trapped in some form of quicksand in the house. Macy can't leave the Command Center. Maggie is sent to her room. She realizes the prison world has glitches and gets things wrong.

Maggie finds Macy and they go to Mel and pull her out of the quicksand.

One of the glitches is a framed picture of a guy in the house. Mel focuses on it, and they watch a memory of her meeting with him play out.

He is an auditor that is hired to sit in on one of Mel's classes. She files a complaint, leading the dean to ask her to sign an NDA. Mel speaks in front of the school about her experience with the dean.

The memory fast forwards to Mel telling her sisters that the symbols each have a corresponding sound. They say the spell of the sounds to get to the prison world, but it doesn't work.

Macy and Mel get into a fight about Mel's job, and they storm out. On her own, Maggie opens up a door to the prison world.

In the Tomb of Chaos, they each say the spell separately and exit it.

Macy and Mel apologize to one another. They realize they're still inside the prison world.

Maggie realizes the blast of light is monsters escaping the world.

The three of them focus together and get rid of the illusion of the house. They see the prison world for what it really is, and they find a rift between dimensions.

A Chupa-Alma blocks their way through it, but since it's just an illusion, they run through it into the real world.

Harry is waiting for them on the other side.

They use a Babylonian spell Harry found to close the rift.

Harry tells them they have been gone for four hours.

Kevin tells Macy that Dean Eldon has been put on leave.

Macy convinces the Shea Group to let her add the legal clinic to SafeSpace.

Jordan frantically enters the house. He tells the sisters and Harry that a monster is outside.

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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You got to be ready for the tick-tick-boom.


On the positive side, I'm not alone. On the negative side, I am not alone.