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Abigael, who has reclaimed the title of Demon Overlord, is dragged out of bed by an unseen force.

Elliot Larson, an alien conspiracist, posts a video that shows one of the ancient symbols the Charmed Ones have come across.

Maggie's volunteers for her psych study turn out to be false names. She suspects Antonio sabotaged her.

Abigael asks Mel to help her deal with a spirit who is stalking her.

Macy and Harry go to Lake Tahoe to find Elliot. They go to his house, where they determine he is not magical. They find a magical orb that they take back to the Command Center.

An ancient symbol is embedded in the orb. The orb seems to affect Harry.

Maggie uses magic to sabotage Antonio's study.

Macy finds Harry in a frantic mess as he comes close to solving the mystery of the symbols. She goes back to Elliot's house, who is now blind because of the orb.

Maggie confronts Antonio. He tells her a fraternity messed with her study, not him.

Mel watches over Abigael while she sleeps, but fails to stop the spirit trying to set her on fire. She wakes her up and puts out the fire.

Elliot tells Macy that the orb shows you things that you could never see before, and the more you use it, the more you need it.

Elliot dies.

Mel lets Abigael stay at the sisters' house for the night.

Macy gets Harry to give her the orb.

The sisters find the spirit lurking around the house. They fight it, but before they can vanquish it, Mel realizes the spirit is Abigael. She wakes her up, but Abigael doesn't remember anything.

Abigael tells Mel that the spirit is her demon form.

Antonio and Maggie agree to a truce. She sees a premonition of him and her in bed together.

Macy uses Harry's theories from when he was under the influence of the orb to solve the mystery of the ancient symbols. She believes that these creatures are coming from a fifth dimension where they were imprisoned.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Macy: I could use a partner in crime.
Harry: Always. Where are we off to?

Mel: Just when I was beginning to-
Abigael: Desire me?
Mel: Respect you.