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At the Shea Group headquarters, Macy has a meeting with board members for their Global Give Back campaign. A flash-forward shows her being escorted out of the building.

Mel and Harry search for the stone tablet's missing piece. Using a spell, they find out it is in the Okanagan Valley.

In Okanagan, Mel and Harry find a witch -- Kira -- who was attacked by demons. They take her back to the Command Center.

Maggie asks Macy if she can interview her for a psych project. She is distant and declines.

Harry can't heal Kira. She tells them the demons stole family runes from her. Kira falls into a state of paralysis.

Abby requests Jordan to be the one to deliver her law documents. She hired his firm to handle her corporate real estate holdings.

Harry and Mel tell Macy and Maggie about Kira. Macy, obviously upset, goes to Okanagan for more information. Maggie follows her.

Abby asks Jordan what happened when he got the totem from her sister. Abby believes her sister put a curse on it.

In a flashback, Macy is blindsided by Shea Group. What she thought was a meeting was actually a photoshoot where she was going to be the face of a Malaria campaign.

In the present, Macy and Maggie find a woman who matches Kira's description of the demon.

Harry puts Kira in a magically induced coma. Mel puts together a potion that makes Kira better.

Mel goes to Abby's to confront her. When she gets there, Abby is threatening to hurt Jordan if he doesn't tell her about her sister. Mel stops her.

Macy and Maggie catch the woman, but she is a witch. She and Kira are from the same coven. When the coven split up, they disputed over the coven's sacred objects.

Harry goes to Abby's to inform Mel. Harry and Mel leave.

Abby performs a mind meld on Jordan. She finds out that her sister didn't curse her.

Mel and Harry settle the dispute between Willow and Kira. When Willow gives Kira the runes, Harry recognizes the symbols on one of them from the tablet.

Willow tells him they came from the Cave of Ancients. There, they find the other half of the stone tablet.

At the photoshoot, Macy confronted the head of communications -- Laurie -- about her racist behavior. Laurie calls security because she feels threatened by Macy.

Macy recounts her trauma to her sisters and Harry.

The two halves of the tablet join together.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Harry: I still haven't heard from Macy. She was so anxious about meeting the board members today. She hasn't responded to my texts.
Mel: She's probably too busy making power moves in the room where it happens.
Harry: In the room where what happens?
Mel: You really need to get out more.
Harry: Oh, no doubt.

Harry: ...we still have no idea who created the Tomb of Chaos or why.
Mel: No idea how many other creatures escaped before we closed the rift.
Harry: And no idea how all this is connected to your pernicious allergy.
Mel: So, basically, we have no idea. Period.