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Megan is still fussing over Connor, and Mick follows suit. He doesn't want anymore tea, thank you very much.

He's ready to take care of himself, moving back to his own apartment. Mick is worried that Connor is pushing too fast because that's what happened this father, and he doesn't want his son to make the same mistake.

Abby thinks Evan is being obstinate. He disagrees. They're arguing about what kind of double doors they need for the hvac system.

Mandrake interrupts because Evan has a video meeting about team morale and a retreat. Abby and Mandrake guilt Evan into attending despite his desires, and Evan will only do it if Abby is his partner.

Connor is still whining about his hovering family, but Margaret will not get involved. She doesn't want to get on anyone's bad side.

Megan is leaving tomorrow. She'll be home in two weeks, and Mick will fly to her in four weeks. They need to have a talk, the one she's been putting off for 20 years.

The teambuilding exercise is a treasure hunt with a lot of rules. They both want to win despite Evan's suggestion that winning and losing isn't important. The first thing Evan does is call Mandrake for directions, but Abby calls him on cheating.

Luke sees Mick at the bar, and he's popping a pill. He says its an aspirin. Mick is nervous about the talk with Megan tonight.

Luke gets a call from his landlord. His place won't be cleaned up until tomorrow at the earliest, but he has no money for a hotel. He decides to sleep at The Bridge.

Abby and Evan banter.

Mick takes a painkiller before dinner with Megan. He takes her prosecco and peonies.

She's got his favorite meal, including whole lobsters. She says they don't have to talk tonight, but he proposes they talk after dinner.

Connor still plans on making a break for the night, wanting to know if Margaret is in.

One of Abby's daughters asks Connor if he was popular in grade school. Kailyn says her friend has blue hair, but she's not sure if that what makes her popular.

Mick decides not to have another drink so he can keep a clear head. He's not sure what Megan wants to talk about, so Megan reminds him they agreed to talk about what happened after their divorce and before Megan returned to Chesapeake Shores.

When she says she only had three meaningful relationships, Mick takes that prosecco.

Evan doesn't like to drive, especially at night. When they blow a tire, it looks like Evan has been shot. He's done.

Megan wants Mick to know who she is, all about her. She needs more, and she needs to know about Martha. He says they better open another bottle.

Connor is sneaking down the stairs with a backpack like a teenager.

Margaret finds Connor on the street. She didn't want to see him collapse in the middle of the road.

Abby changes the tire, which Mick taught her when she was ten. She wonders if Evan wants her to check the oil and break pads, too. Then she asks about driving at night. He plays with it, but she really wants to know.

Bree invites Luke to stay on the couch at her place. Have we ever seen her place? It's so cute.

As she gets blankets, Luke wrings his hands. He seems super uncomfortable. He takes off his shirt, and Bree returns. She likes what she sees.

Mick apologizes for not seeing Megan's pain. He wonders why, after she went through her crisis, she didn't return. She didn't know how. There are lots of sorries, and Mick wonders why she couldn't have come back for the kids. They begin arguing about what they didn't do or understand, but they are saved by the bell.

Abby pushes Evan to tell her a secret. She shares something that she's never told another soul. She got cold feet and almost didn't marry Wes. She's glad she did for the girls, but it almost didn't happen.

Evan doesn't tell her a real secret, and she's disappointed.

Connor's pad is full of books and jazz on vinyl.

Margaret has a whole future mapped out, which includes her making it to the bench.

Megan angrily says they need to let sleeping dogs lie. So Mick shares how he felt about Martha and why he didn't. She wasn't Megan. Megan didn't stay with Carter because he wasn't Mick.

Oh my. They're taking it to the mattress!

Connor and Margaret are making out and decide to google how long before they can go further. She want's it to be more than two weeks so he's not pushing himself. As it turns out, Connor and Margaret have fallen in love.

When they only have one task left to do, Evan tells Abby that his mom died in a car accident when he was 18.

Over at Bree's place, Luke wakes screaming. He thinks it's a mistake and is going to go. She's confused. He's embarrassed about his nightmares. He's been out of jail for a year, but he can't go one night without nightmares or sleeping three hours straight.

Luke hasn't talked to anybody about this. He's kind of on his own here. Except he's not; not anymore.

Abby is one of only a few that Evan has shared the story of his mother's death. He wants her to know him.

Margaret and Connor are talking law movies. They talked all night. That's the kind of thing that builds a relationship.

So is Luke falling asleep on Bree's lap while she strokes his hair. And I love her T-shirt. Read Books.

Mick has made Megan breakfast. Megan is so happy that Mick was more emotionally open than he's ever been.

When they win, they kiss. That was it! Their first kiss. Time for a second. Then they discover there are two Calvert Parks, and they didn't win, but they did.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Mick: Yes, long-distance relationships. They always work.
Megan: We'll be fine.
Mick: Yes, we will.

I'm too old for helicopter parents.