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Mick is at a new doctor trying to get another prescription. He's lying, saying he's from Vermont and needs a new prescription. He's not only doing it to one doctor, either.

Finally! It's Sarah. They just got back from Maui. They can't both be late, but Kevin wants a raincheck on both of them being late sometime soon. Sarah is late, and she's hiding it from Kevin for now. She's thrilled.

Mick is in his truck, grabbing for his prescription when Kevin finds him and says hello. Mick is trying hard to be normal, but he's anything but normal.

One of Abby's daughter's won the Maryland State Scholastic art award, so Bree ordered special pizza. She also gets $2 grand in classes and art supplies.

Margaret and Connor are struggling with money. They can just pay the bills but have no money left over.

Abby gets a call from the school. Mick forgot to pick them up.

Luke picks up Bree after work. Bree has finally realized that the downside of assigning her students work is that she has more work as a result.

Luke's place has black mold, so he has to move. Bree offers to help him look for a new place.

Abby finds Mick face down on his desk. He's a mess. Mick lays into Abby for leaving someone unqualified at the job site, and she's like, WTF? She calls him Mr. Reliable, and he promises he will be again.

Megan is home! And Thomas is in town, too. He wants to take a look at the renovation blueprints in the truck. While looking for them, he also finds Mick's prescriptions.

Bree cannot stand how Luke is treated while apartment hunting. She offers her couch for a longer period, but he wants to keep looking.

Sarah and Megan catch up, and Megan wonders what the problem is if she and Kevin had such a good time reconnecting in Hawaii. She's scared she's going to lose the baby. Kevin can't go through it again; she can't go through it again.

Abby wonders if her other daughter is sick of hearing about the art award.

Three cheers for Kerry! She got a beautiful plaque.

Connor did well mediating the couple he knows that is getting divorced. He's missing burgers, caffeine, and beer. So Bree has a beer.

Thomas needs to talk with Abby about Mick. He shows Abby the pill bottles. Mick traveled to Baltimore and Annapolis to get the prescriptions. They realize that something much bigger is going on, and as each member of the family wanders by, they are brought into the fold. Kevin and Abby don't want to rush it. After all, it's Kerry's big day. Thomas finds Mick looking for the pills, and the conversation begins.

When Mick throws up his hands about having it under control, Thomas compares him to their father, an alcoholic who always said he had it under control, but he didn't.

Connor and Margaret interview Harper for the receptionist job, and Connor notes that she didn't go to college. She assures him that she's on top of it and a very good receptionist with good references. She's honest, to a fault, her sister says. Which is why she brings up the aura they're giving off as a couple. They play it off. They're just friends. Hardly!

People are laughing about what they can afford to pay, which makes Harper worth another look. It's time to call it. Connor and Margaret are officially a couple.

Mick falls asleep at the wheel and wrecks his truck. At least he doesn't leave the scene. Oh, he can't. The wheel is right off its axel.

Mick has fallen asleep again, leaning against his truck, when Kevin arrives. Mick is disheveled and lying, which is not an attractive combination. Mick doesn't want Kevin to call the gossipy towing company. Kevin wants him to wait in the car and write a note. Kevin's ready to talk to Thomas about Mick.

The whole family, minus Jess and Connor, is together now, and Megan is worried they will push him over the edge with the wrong approach. Kevin says Mick has never babied them, so they cannot baby Mick. He's lucky he only hit a parked car. They need to nip this in the bud now.

Mick arrives, knowing exactly what's happening. When Bree says how scared they all are, Mick decides to sit. Kevin has seen painkiller overdoses all the time. His job takes him down dark avenues he doesn't want to see Mick taking.

Abby can't believe that Mick is still making excuses, especially when, if he had picked up the girls that day, he would have driven them home high.

Mick explodes. He's not like the others. That's not him! He's had enough and doesn't want to hear it. He leaves and, thankfully, doesn't go far.

Abby raises her voice to match Mick. It's necessary to get through to him. Kevin has more war stories, this time about his military buddies. Kevin says it took his friend only two days to get hooked. All Mick needs is for everybody to leave them alone.

Mick makes his way to The Bridge, finding Luke doing some business as the place is closed. Luke recognizes that Mick needs to talk, but he doesn't press it. He gives Mick the space he needs to sit down and gather his thoughts.

It's a very nice conversation.

Kevin tells Sarah what's been going on. Luke called, and the hope is that he can convince dad to go to a meeting.

Kevin is a lot stronger than Sarah gives him credit. They really loved Maui, and they love it even more that she came back pregnant. She's determined not to be sidetracked by the what-ifs.

Mick and Luke are outside of a church, waiting to go into a meeting. Mick doesn't answer whether he's ready to go inside, but at least he's there.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

You have to tell him. Together, you and Kevin can handle anything.


Bree: That was frustrating.
Luke: Yeah, apartment hunting is never fun.
Bree: No, but I just can't believe the way that they treated you.
Luke: Like what?
Bree: Oh, OK. Like the one place was so happy for you to sign the rental agreement until you clicked that tiny box that says that you had been convicted of a felony, and then all bets were off.
Luke: Yeah. For better or worse, I'm used to it.
Bree: Did you see the landlord's face? It was just so full of judgment. I wanted to-
Luke: Yeeep.
Bree: -tell him off.
Luke: That's why he got us out of there.
Bree: You know, they just make it impossible for you to turn your life around. The most basic of human rights, a place to live, a roof over your head!
Luke: Preach, sister, preach.