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Abby and the girls are watching Princess Bride on a very tiny laptop. Bree drops by and joins them.

Megan is next, bringing ice cream.

Kevin and Sarah reconsidered rescheduling their Maui trip until Connor is better, but he assures Kevin there's no need.

Margaret is stressed about the bar exam. Megan interrupts with Connor's kale smoothie. Margaret would like one, even as Connor grimaces getting it down.

Bree and Jess offer bad advice for Abby's second date with Evan.

David's mom is at the Inn. Things are horrible. The press won't leave her alone. The FBI keeps asking her the same questions, and her friends won't talk to her. She doesn't understand why her husband would do something like this to them.

Bree has Luke over for brunch, and then she asks him to read her new short story about redemption after prison.

Carter is pushing Megan to take the Getty job. She doesn't want to go.

When Luke tells Bree that her story is very good but not accurate, she's disappointed. She wants to start from the top, and he stops her after the first phrase because you can't see the weather inside of prison.

Kevin is over to get a suitcase. Mick, Connor, and Kevin then have time to bond.

Connor is really worried about Megan and the job, but Mick assures him there is a lot more going into the decision than his health.

Evan hates jazz, so he's not sure about her idea to visit a jazz club in Baltimore, but he'll make the best of it.

Luke is very impressed with Bree's second attempt at the short story. She captured it very well.

When Mick gets to The Bridge, he looks stoned. He's stumbling and doesn't remember anything that Luke is saying to him. Luke is concerned. He asks him outright if he's still taking the painkillers.

Mick gets angry and walks off after Luke asks.

Abby has decided to take Evan crabbing. They have a wonderful time.

David's sister arrives, too. She followed mom because things are hellish in Boston.

She asks if they got her wedding gift. They didn't send thank you cards?

She wants to drink just like Mom, and the look on Jess's face says that she's unimpressed.

Connor never knew he'd want a kale smoothie until he tasted the Irish moss tea Megan gives to him.

Margaret is thrilled with her performance for the first day of the bar exam. Connor struggled with the essay questions, but Margaret enjoyed them.

The story has followed David's family to the inn, and it's a problem. Jess handles it beautifully.

Mick finally got his cast off. He asks for another round of painkillers, and the doctor says no. When the doctor leaves Mick in the room alone, you have to wonder if he'll steal a prescription pad.

Connor calls the family to an impromptu meeting because of how he feels about Megan.

Mick is driving back to the house. He shouldn't be driving. He's jonesing pretty bad, ripping the bathroom apart to find pills. There is one left, and he downs it.

Mick has to psych himself up to visit with the family. The family isn't on the same page about Megan, who arrives with one bottle of wine. That's not enough!

Before they even eat, Connor accosts Megan. She does feel ganged up on, but she listens and appreciates hearing from them.

She decides to go to LA.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

You see, the thing about prison is it's a mixture of terror and boredom. And, um, this is like someone looking from the outside in.


Connor: I don't want you turning down this job, this amazing job because of me.
Megan: I appreciate that, I really do, but I've made up my mind.