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The team are shocked when they meet their new boss. On their first call out to a bowling alley, he mocks Otis after he falls. No one is pleased about this at all.

Casey continues his fling with Beth, but gets a shock when he finds out she is the wife of the new boss. He finds out they are getting divorced, but he is still apprehensive about seeing her again.

Boden takes a leave of absence while sorting out his fathers affairs, but ends up watching his new son.

Welch kicks off a new job at firehouse 51, to the shock of everyone else.

Hermann informs everyone that Pat got his old firehouse shut down.

Celia shows up to thank Brett for saving her and they exchange numbers. Brett feels bad for her because she lost her guitar and her mother is refusing to buy her a new one.

Brett buys her a second hand one, but her mother goes crazy and tells Brett to take it back.

The team are called out to a fire and Otis is in danger when he gets trapped inside. Casey and Severide save him, but Pat goes to far and Casey talks up to him.

Pat then makes Casey and Severide clean the windows, while Welch tells Dawson about Casey and Beth.

Chicago Fire
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