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As everyone prepares the station for the freezing conditions, Dawson is shocked to find a baby outside the station in the cold. When she brings her in, a lady appears claiming to be her mom, but can't provide proof she is. Dawson finds out the baby was premature and was in ICU. The lady shows back up at the station with clearly fake documents. When Dawson attempts to alert anyone, she pulls out a gun, but runs off when everyone else enters the room.

Brett and Mills go to help teenagers who have taken drugs and are high. One of them throws her jacket down and runs off. Brett must follow her to save her as she will die in the cold. Disaster strikes when the girl falls through debris and finds her torso impaled. When the rest of the team arrives, Severide manages to cut her out and saves her life.

Molly's holds Papa Boden's party. Boden wants to take his father for treatment, but he declines and says his life is on his own terms, no one else can decide what happens to him. After they both return home, Boden attends to his son, before finding his father dead.

Chicago Fire
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