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Casey accuses his soon to be ex brother-in-law, Jim, of secretly moving his assets into a shell company for the past year. Only Jim has documents to prove Casey's sister was aware and co-signed on all of the moves. Back at the station, Casey asks Newhouse for the name of a good divorce attorney.

Severide is teaching Cap and the boys how to play craps before their Vegas trip. He's still trying to recruit people to go with him.

The squad reports to a call for a young boy trapped on a balcony that's about to give way. His mother is holding him but won't be able to for much longer. During the rescue attempt Herrmann doesn't let Dawson do anything. She's definitely left on the outside looking in. 

The squad is able to successfully rescue the boy before the balcony gives way. The mother doesn't want him taken to the hospital, insisting he's fine. Brett makes the call and takes the boy to the hospital.

Dawson confronts Herrmann, she says she trained on the tools in the academy, but he insists that was the minor leagues and they are now in the majors.

The doctor at the hospital reveals to Brett that the young boy had previously been removed from his mother's care due to allegations of abuse and neglect. The police remove the young boy once again from his mother.

Casey and Christie meet with the attorney Newhouse recommended and he's eager to take her case, believing there's more money than her husband is letting on. He wants to hire a forensic accountant that will be costly, and the fight is going to be an all out war. He believes they can win, but it's going to require a big fight. Casey wants her to fight and reiterates that he will be there for her and Violet.

Mills hangs back at the car while Newhouse goes to investigate some house. There are shots fired at Mills and the car. Newhouse runs out clutching a dog, the product of a divorce gone wrong. 

Dawson complains to Casey that Herrmann is driving her nuts with the training. He recommends that she takes the issues up with Herrmann directly, but instead she goes back to hitting the tire.

The mother from the hospital comes to talk to Brett and Severide. She explains that her ex was an alcoholic and abusive, and that while she made mistakes before, she's now clean and wants their help. Severide warns Brett about getting involved.

Brett confronts Severide and he proceeds to tell her about a time Shay got too involved. She reminds him that people still deserve a second chance now and again. They meet with the mother and make sure she's telling the truth.

Dawson finally confronts Herrmann about her issues. He agrees to step back and let her do her job when they are on a call.

Christie informs Casey that she's going to take the settlement offer. Violet tells Casey how she misses her house and school and doesn't know why her dad is acting this way. Casey tells Newhouse to investigate the mistress and do whatever it takes.

Brett and Severide go to see the caseworker assigned to the Keating case, but don't seem to get anywhere with him.

Newhouse gives Mills his cut from their previous job, and Otis and Pouch want to know how to get in on such a sweet deal.

Armed with information from Newhouse, Casey confronts Jim once again. His mistress has a bench warrant out for her arrest and Casey threatens to report her if he doesn't "do what's right for his daughter."

The squad is called to assist the police with a forcible entry call.  Dawson has to use her previous training on the sledgehammer to help pry open the door. 

Brett returns to see the Case Manager on the Keating case and tells him she's not leaving until he deals with their case.

Cap backs out on the Vegas trip with Severide. 

Mrs. Keating shows up and thanks Severide and Brett for getting her son back. Severide invites Brett to Vegas with him, but she passes.

Herrmann congratulates Dawson and he says she really proved herself.

Christie informs Casey that Jim has made the settlement offer significantly better, and Casey neglects to tell her the real reason why Jim has had a change of heart. Violet is just as happy that she's going home and back to her old school and knows that Casey was behind things getting "fixed". 

Outside his home, Newhouse is attacked by a stranger, someone upset over his side business as a PI.

Severide has made it to Vegas, hits it off with a female stranger that he meets at the craps table and they end the episode kissing.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

On his hip means on his hip Dawson.


Herrmann: You a baseball fan Dawson?
Dawson: Kind of.
Herrmann: The academy, that's like tball. This, this is the "bigs." Stick with me, I'll school ya.