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Choi is still struggling with his PTSD, and tells girlfriend Vicki that he's frustrated that he's not seeing results from therapy yet. At the hospital, he treats a fellow vet who stabs himself in the ear with a pencil in order to get the doctor's attention. Coleman, who had been injured by shrapnel in an IED attack, complains that his heart is pounding abnormally loudly. At first they can't find a physical reason for this, and Choi refers him to psych at the VA. When Vicki stops by for a consult, Choi notices Coleman's jello moving on his tray. Further tests reveal that the shrapnel injuries caused an echo chamber of scar tissue right next to his heart. Nothing can be done to correct the problem, but Vicki and Choi decide to show him an ultrasound of the issue so that he can understand what's happening and hopefully learn to live with it. 

Nat treats a boy with a broken arm and becomes suspicious of abuse when his X-rays' show another healed fracture. The mother has an injury as well, and the docs originally suspect the father. But when Dr. Charles observes the older brother acting abnormally after observing a trauma case come through, they figure out that the ten year old has sociopathic tendencies. CPS recommends removing the older boy from the home, but the parents refuse, even after seeing how their younger son unconsciously reacts to him. 

April continue to visit with Eric and his father, who reassures her that he asked her out because of her and not because of transference. Maggie warns her that dating an athlete is worse than dating a patient. They end up going to dinner at Molly's. He leaves quickly, worried Eric might wake up without him there and after he apologizes to her, she remarks to herself that the date was perfect. 

Connor starts his day by performing a heart repair on a child with Downey. When everything goes smoothly, Downey insists that he be the one to tell the parents, which he says is the best part. Later, he treats a girl who was in a car accident. He knows that she has damage to a lung, but is unaware that her vena cava separated and that she was bleeding into her chest. Because of this, the anesthesia didn't circulate and she wakes up in the middle of the procedure just before she dies. This time, Downey tells him to get back to the ED. Will heard about his bad outcome and offers to buy him a drink at Mollys. On the way out of the hospital, he sees the girls parents, and he breaks down crying in his car. 

Sarah seems to do be excited about her pathology placement and doing fine, but she passes out while examining a patient. Will runs tests, but everything comes back normal. After a second bout of vertigo, she realizes her symptoms are caused by her inner turmoil. After discussing things with Joey, she asks Sharon if it's possible to switch matches, but Sharon tells her that the match is a binding legal contract. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Coleman: Just because I'm a vet does not mean that I am a mental case.
Charles: You did walk in here and stab yourself in the head.

Well, I didn't leave a toothbrush and eyeliner in your medicine cabinet so I could sleep in your bed without you.

Vicki [to Choi]