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Asher promises Will that she will turn herself in today, but when he gets to work and a patient needs her, she is nowhere to be found. The patient is Sienna, 7 months pregnant, sickle cell anemia. She refuses any other doctor but accepts a blood transfusion. However, when Sienna's pressure drops and Will suggests delivery, she freaks out.

Will runs to the safe injection site but can't find Asher.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Choi's patient is a prisoner suffering from a botched execution. Goodwin tells them as soon as he's healthy he needs to go back to prison to be executed. Marcel is annoyed. Later, Walter turns out to be septic and Marcel considers letting him die.

Noah and April must try to save a patient whose heart rate is so low he can't stop moving or he will die. They put him on a treadmill and try to fibrillate but it doesn't work. Noah loses confidence in himself when it doesn't work the first time.

Nat and Charles deal with a patient who is an actor who is pretending to be a little girl's father. He refuses to break character and has poisoned himself because he thinks that's a natural end for his character, while the mother wants him to die in a different way. He won't say what kind of poison he has ingested and Nat and Charles must convince him and the girl's mother to undo the subterfuge so they can save him.

Sienna's oxygen is dropping but she doesn't want to deliver.  Will says she will suffocate and die. Maggie says they have to make sure the baby grows up with her mother. 

Marcel and Coi perform the surgery. Marcel cuts an artery (on purpose?) He says they gotta keep operating.

Derek won't do it and is getting really sick. Derek is seizing but won't tell them what he took. Charles tells him kidney failure is violent and gruesome. Is that what he wants to give to Harper? He suggests staging Derek's death. Derek says has to be real for Harper.  He says he'll tell them what he took afterwards.

Nat tells Charles he can't do this. Charles says there is no other option. At least this will be less traumatic for Harper

Walter's pressure is dropping and Marcel says he can't clamp the bleed. Marcel says he's doing the best he can. Walter flatlines. Choi says there's nothing to circulate. Marcel calls time of death.

Derek tells Harper he doesn't think the doctors can fix him but he wants her to know he's so proud of her and loves her. Harper cries and hugs him.  Elaine takes Harper away but she cries he has to get better. She says he can't die. Derek is crying too.  He says he can't do this to her.  He tells Charles he took cyanide. Harper asks if her daddy is going to be okay. Charles says yeah he is.

Will watches the c-section. A healthy preemie is born. Sienna should be fine as well.

Asher shows up and asks how Sienna and the baby are. She has a lot of stories about where she was. She claims she got a flat tire. Will doesn't believe her. She's mad and goes to check on Sienna.

The cops don't believe that Walter's death wasn't purposeful. They storm off. Goodwin asks if there's anything she needs to know. Choi says they did all they could. Goodwin is glad to hear that. She walks off.

Latham was able to give the treadmill guy a pacemaker. The nurse says that Latham said it was an impressive save.

Harper doesn't understand. She says her Daddy is her Daddy. Charles says the important thing is that Derek loves her. Harper wants to go see him.

Choi wants him and April to have a drink with Marcel. April doesn't want to go so Choi says forget it, let's go on our date.

Will asks a favor of a security guard. Narcotics brings a dog out to Asher's car and discovers drugs. Asher starts toward the parking lot and sees.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Natalie: Mr. Jordan. If I'm going to treat you properly, I'm going to need YOUR medical history, not your character's.
Jordan: My name is Lewis Cher and I don't know what you're talking about.

Woman: Dr. Manning, there's something you don't know and if I don't tell you, it could affect his treatment.
Natalie: Okay. What is it?
Woman: He isn't a polymer engineer from Geneva. His name is Derek Jackson and he is an actor from New York. I hired him to play this role.
Natalie: What role?
Woman: My daughter's father.