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Asher showed up at the safe injection site and attempts to blackmail Will. Then she grabs some heroin. Will tries to get her into rehab. She says she can't go to rehab because she has a job. Will suggests NA. She puts the drugs back and says okay. She thanks Will.

Marcel shares an elevator with April and an awkward convo.

Seriously injured person comes in after a car accident. Nat and Marcel work on him. The wife comes in too.Nat works on her. The woman cries that she didn't see the light change. Nat checks her out. The woman has serious bruises on her back which she insists are from the crash but they are old bruises. She says she forgot she fell on the stairs last week. Nat asks if someone did this to her and she insists he didn't. In the hall, the nurse asks Nat if Kim was abused.

Will is standing around outside the NA meeting.

April tells Ethan that Emily called and offered them Vincent's crib. Ethan is happy to hear that. He looks in on a couple who are kissing. Anyway, the wife has a rash. Choi thinks it's an allergic reaction.

Will bothers Asher about n ot going to the meeting and succeeds in pissing her off.

Dr. Lanic sees a child in a coma. The father says he noticed a bedsore. It looks infected. They have been managing his care at home. Lanic suggests an air mattress to help with that issue. Elsa notices the child's leg is staying up by itself.

Marcel does surgery on Rick, the husband. Muscle is dying and the husband's le must be removed.

Nat talks to Kim and tells her she doesn't have a TBI but about the bruises... Kim says again she fell. Marcel comes in and gives her the news about Rick's leg. He needs her consent to ampulate. Kim freaks out. He'll be upset.  She thinks he should decide for himself when he wakes up. Marcel says every second counts but Kim is sure.

Nat tells Marcel that Rick was abusing Kim and Kim should not be making this decision.

Nat and Marcel talk to Goodwin. Nat advocates for Kim not making the decision. Marcel disagrees. Goodwin says she will convene the ethics committee.

Charles says the leg movementis not consistent with a vegatative state.Charles leaves and Lanic comes in all unhappy that Charles was there. He tells Elsa not to consult Charles again without his permission and says they are only treating the ulcer.

April tells Maggie that couple is having sex.

Charles talks to the parents. He thinks Xavier has catatonia. Lanic shows up and doesn't like this. He and Charles argue. Charles says Xavier has to stay here for evaluation. Lanic says these are unnecessary tests. Xavier's mother wants him to stay. Lanic says he's discharged and Charles can re-admit.

Nina has passed out and is coding. Ethan says she is in ahaphalytic shock. THey have to intubate etc. The husband wants to know what caused this.

Charles says if he's right, Xavier doesn't need a ventilator. He wants to try disconnecting it to see.  They take it out and his stats start dropping. But then he begins breathing on his own. The father asks what this means. Charles says they need to figure out what put him in a catatonic state.

Elsa explains catatonia is caused by mental shock. The father asks like PTSD? He's a cop so he knows about PTSD. The mom says Xavier had no trauma.  Mom says Alvin is Xavier's stepfather and has been there for him. Xavier was a good student, had lots of friends. The only thing they can think of is he watched Poltergeist. Alvin excuses himself to talk to the DEA.  Mom says avier loved Alvin being a cop and that he is a great father for Xavier.

Charles tells Elsa this is a sensitive area so they have to take a break. But they want to look more into Alvin's work life.

Ethan says this doesn't make sense. April says she couldn't get the allergy test because they were having sex. Ethan says they need to talk to the husband. They ask Harlan about it and say he needs to go to the lab.

Will sees Asher with a patient. He asks Maggie about it. Will says he has to do something he doesn't want to do.

Nat and Marcel talk to Goodwin. The ethics committee has decided to take decision rights from Kim. Marcel is upset. Goodwin sends Marcel to surgery and goes with Nat to talk to Kim.

Charles is upset to learn that Elsa called CPD without talking to Alvin first.

Kim freaks out when she learns about this. Nat tells her to talk to them. Kim says when he wakes up he will blame her for losing his leg. Goodwin says Kim can go to a shelter in a secret location. 

Elsa apologizes to Alvin, who is annoyed.  The mother says she hopes Elsa learned what a great cop Alvin is. Charles says he learned that a gang put out a hit on Alvin. He wonders whether Xavier was aware of that. The parents don't think Xavier could have known about that. Vanessa says Alvin stayed away til the threat was resolved. He moved back in a week before Xavier became catatonic. Charles says Xavier's fear might have triggered his catatonia. Vanessa says they've heard enough and leaves.

Will tells Sean he can't work for the site anymore.  Sean asks if they are at risk. Will says his leaving will protect them.

Nina's tube is removed. She asks what happened. Harlan tells her he's the problem. She's allergic to his semen. They will need allergy treatment and to use a condom for right now.

April tells Ethan he only touches her when he injects her with hormones. Ethan agrees and suggests a date tonight.

Charles looks in on Xavier. Alvin invites him in and asks if he has a minute. Outside the room, Alvin says Charles is right. He brings his work home whether he wants to or not and Xavier knows that. He once asked if the bad guys know where they live. If he has to step aside to protect his son he will. Charles says maybe space isn't a bad idea, but as soon as Xavier starts therapy he needs to be right there next to him. 

Kim asks if Rick will wake up. Nat says it will be a while. Kim says she is sure Rick loves her. Nat says a social worker will be by shortly.

The social worker comes by. Just then Rick code. His orans are failing. Kim says she did it. Rick dies. Kim sobs.

Kim is arrested. Nat doesn't understand why she would do that. Goodwin thinks Kim ran the red light on purpose to kill Rick.

Xavier is starting to wake up. Alvin watches from outside. Charles tells him that Xavier is awake. Alvin is crying.  He asks to talk to Vanessa when the time is right.

Marcel checks on Nat. He says they should have just let it be this wouldn't have happened.

Charles compliments Elsa, who isn't sure she did anything good.

Will sits in a bar by himself. Asher meets him there. She apologizes about this morning. Will says he can't let this go on. He says he quit the injection site so he can turn her in if he needed to. She says she would  never have turned him in. He doesn't know what it's like not to be able to quit. He says he'll help her.  She says you care? He says he does. She says she'll turn herself in first thing in the morning. He offers to go with her. She says she'd like that. She asks him to come to her place.

April comes home and finds the crib in the living room. Ethan has put it together. There is also a candellight dinner on the table. He gives April a rose. They kiss.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Nat: There are bruises all the way down your back.
Kim: It must be from the accident.
Nat: No, these are old bruises. It takes a while for bruises to turn yellow like this.
Kim: Oh. I forgot. I fell down the stairs last week.
Nat: I have to ask. Did someone do this to you?

Marcel: So... I wonder if it's gonna snow today.
April: Crockett, it's okay. What happened is in the past.