A Former Acquaintance - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 3
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The hospital is celebrating that a COVID patient is leaving the hospital.

Marcel and Nat do some weird flirting related to them both being COVID free. Maggie asks Nat what was that? Anyway Nat has a telemedicine appointment. She hates that. Maggie suggests she read the eyes and walks off.

Sharon talks with Choi. The board is concerned about his projections. The Board is watching every penny because of COVID costs. She suggests he look at reallocating staff before their hospital goes under too.

Charles gets a Skype while sorting through files. Anna’s mother wants him to know Anna did well on a test. Also the transfer to Arizona came through and she starts in a month. Charles is upset. She can’t just take Anna a thousand miles away. She says he can just see her on the weekend. He says this is a violation of the divorce agreement. He gets paged and hangs up.

Choi tells April he has to bring her back to the ED. She wants to work in the COVID ward. She says she is helping people through this. He says he has to do this. He expects her in the ED in an hour.

Patients are backing up. April won’t talk to Choi. Anyway he has a patient who is anxious about needles — can Charles and April help? Charles asks if April is okay. She says Ethan yanked er off the COVID ward, but there’s nothing to talk about.

Charles notices an infection on Lisa’s arm and tells her everyone in this ward has tested negative for COVID. He suggests they talk about movies. She has no favorite movies. Books? She doesn’t read either and is a babysitter. She takes care of two kids, aged 8 and 10. The IV is in and Lisa doesn’t want to talk anymore. April whispers to Charles outside that that’s odd. Charles wants to see the labs when they come in.

Will thinks they could fill the heart failure clinical trial quickly. This drug could be a life changer. He tells Maggie and there is a heart failure patient already waiting in room 5.

The patient is having trouble breathing and is tired. He is surprised to hear he’s been here before. Will thinks the meds might not be working and suggests the clinical trial. He can’t make any promises but they can get results quickly. Maggie looks like she thinks Will is pressing too hard, which he likely is. The patient agrees to the trial. Will says he wants to make sure he understands. The patient says whatever he says.

Outside, Maggie asks if Will is sure the patient understood. Will says he asked twice. Anyway, the standard of care is the control group so there’s no downside.

An emergency occurs before Maggie can respond. Patient with a knife wound. COVID-negative. Lanik and Marcel are up. Marcel knows her. She says she was jumped out of nowhere on the way to her car.

Nat asks do they know each other? Megan says they usually have drinks together. Nat seems jealous. (Should Marcel be treating this woman?) He says that she may need surgery. Megan says if he can do it without surgery her wedding is in two weeks. Marcel says it’s great she’s getting married. She jokes it could have been him. He tells her to lay off the street fighting. 

Lanik won’t let Nat do the labs. Nat asks Marcel if there’s any woman in Chicago he HASN’T had drinks with. He says a few and she walks off.

Lisa has Vitamin D deficiency. She insists she does leave the house and get sun with the kids. She forgets the girl’s name she babysits. She tells Charles she doesn’t know where she lives. 

Outside, April thinks that girl is scared of more than needles. Charles thinks maybe the woman is a kidnap victim. Choi is skeptical and says they don’t have enough beds for her to sit around. April wants to take a photo to give the cops then. Choi (such a paragon of virtue himself) says that’s unethical. April says if she needs to save the woman’s life, that’s what she will do.

Nat has her telehealth appointment with a patient who is nauseated, heart rate elevated. Nat thinks she come in for blood work. Woman says she can’t come in during the pandemic.  The woman refuses so Nat will give her meds but needs her to call back if her symptoms get worse.

Charles tells April the cops didn’t find a match to the photo. April wonders why a captor would let her come alone. Charles thinks maybe she has been brainwashed. Choi wants Lisa to be released. April and Charles disagree. 

April comes to see Lisa and tells her that it’s their job to protect her. Lisa wants to leave. She won’t respond to their concerns. She doesn’t know how to use a tablet to sign her discharge papers. Charles realizes Lisa may have been kidnapped as a child. Choie says they have no grounds to keep her. April is irritated and walks off. Charles asks Choi if he is sure he wants to run the ED this way and tells him to give them an hour.

Will’s patient’s daughter shows up and wants to know what’s going on.. Will tells her about the clinical trial. She says he can’t make a decision like that. She’s his sole caretaker and his cardiologist thinks he needs surgery. Will says that’s a bad idea. The daughter says they want the surgery, not medication.

Marcel seems upset. He tells Nat Megan didn’t need surgery. Nat thinks he’s being too conservative. Marcel said since when does Nat advocate for surgery? He goes.

April and Charles are searching for Lisa’s childhood picture. April felt she was actually doing something on the COVID ward. Ethan shouldn’t have taken her off that ward. Charles thinks April makes herself useful wherever she was. April felt like she was finally… she found who she was. Ethan took it away.

Ethan comes in and asks if they found a match yet. He found a de-aging app online. April sends him the photo. The child looks familiar. Charles knows the case. A girl named Kelly something who disappeared several years ago. Choi now says make sure she doesn’t leave. He’ll call PD.

Megan’s pressure is dropping and she is lightheaded. She needs surgery NOW. Nat gets a call from her Telehealth patient. She says her hands are tingly and numb for the past hour. Nat says she MUST come in. The woman says can’t you just ask me a few questions? Nat says she needs to run tests. She agrees to do some research but says if it gets worse she needs to come in.

Will says that her father’s stats look better, but the woman says cardiology hasn’t come by. Will said he wanted to see if the father’s stats improved. Maggie calls Will outside. What is he doing? He says the surgery could kill the man. The daughter tries to take the father away and he goes into cardiac arrest. She shouts at Will it’s his fault. (How many times is he gonna do this?)

Father is stable but unconscious and must go to the ICU. Maria slaps Will who says they are trying to help the man.

Meanwhile, PD talks to Lisa who insists she’s not the missing girl. Charles and Choi insist it’s her. The cop says the detectives need a warrant for DNA. April says no what? Lisa says she has to go. Choi calls for security to hold her. She screams and cries as she is forced back into the bed.

Maggie says Will can’t go in there. Rueben’s daughter took Will off the case. Will tells Maria this is an emergency. Maria doesn’t trust Will. Maggie says Will is one of the best doctors here. Maria doesn’t trust him. Maggie does. Maria says do you really trust him? Maggie says yes. Maria authorizes emergency treatment.

Dr. Charles and April come to see Kelly’s mother, who says her daughter is gone. She’s been dealing with imposters for years who want money or attention. She doesn’t want to see photos. She says that is not Kelly. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital. She can’t do this anymore. She can’t take it. Her daughter is gone. April sees the photos and shrine and asks to look. Kelly’s mom is done chasing ghosts.

Will says the man must be held completely still or he will hit the artery. Maria watches while Will does the procedure. The machines start beeping. Will won’t stop the treatment. He insists the man will not arrest. Maria says do something to save him. Will says almost there, I’m going in. Normal sinus rhythm is restored. Maria is relieved.

Charles fills Choi in. Lisa tells April to let her go. April says someone took you, took your family, your childhood, everything you had. But no one can take who you are from you. She shows her the teddy bear from the shrine. Lisa recognizes it She holds it. April asks if she is Kelly Basette. Lisa nods and begins to cry and sob. April hugs her.

Nat talks to her patient. She says she can’t narrow it down without her coming in. The woman has no one to bring her in. Her son used to drive her but he moved and never calls. The woman says her urine is red.  Nat says it’s a very rare genetic disease that her symptoms match. But if she had it she would look a lot more ill. She had to ask, did she really have these symptoms or were you reading about this disease online? The woman says the nausea is real but her son didn’t have time to talk to her about it so she started looking up possible causes. She didn’t have the symptoms. She was sorry she wasted Nat’s time. Nat says she misses her son too. She had to move out because of the pandemic. She shows her a photo. 

Will goes to see Rueben. He is feeling better. Maria says she appreciates everything Will’s done so if he thinks the clinical trial is the best thing for her father… Will says unfortunately the Ganglion block disqualifies him. Maria hugs Will.

Will tells Maggie it’s ironic that the block disqualifies Will, as before that it was clear the medication works.

Marcel checks on Megan who asks if she can walk down the aisle. Marcel says no big dips during your first dance. Her fiancé finally shows up. Marcel watches looking sad and then goes.

Kelly’s mom comes and is reunited with her daughter. (That was almost too easy.) Choi tells April good work.

Nat joins Marcel outside. She asks him why he does the one night stands. They all end up the same. Does he want to be alone? She kisses his back as we fade to black.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: Dr. Choi, I just got off with the the board and they're concerned about your projections for next month.
Choi: I understand, but with North shutting its ED, we had to ramp up for the influx of patients.
Sharon: And I'm sure you're doing everything you can, but with the losses we sustained from treating COVID, they're watching every penny.

Marcel: Dr. Manning. You're looking so... what's the word? Decontaminated.
Nat: Thank you. And I'm sensing a temperature on you of what... 98.4?