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Nat wakes up next to Marcel and sneaks out, dropping her keys but managing not to wake him.

Two patients come in -- Dr Coleman and his wife. There was a gas leak. The wife dies. Noah recognizes the husband as having run a clinic on the South Side.

Charles talks to Sharon. She's down because Michael wants to move out. She thinks he's being impulsive. Charles understands as he has a meditation session about Anna. He says Anna is fine.

Marcel and Noah discover COleman had benzos in his system. He confesses that Phyllis had ALS and wanted to be euthanized. He was planning on killing himself with her. He can't live without her. Afterward, Choi says that they have to tell the police. Noah says it was an act of mercy. Choi, having learned nothing from the other five million times he's done something like this, insists he has to do this.

Meanwhile, April and Will have a previous COVID patient with heart failure. He doesn't qualify for the clinical trial because of a condition that April says is common among Black men. She says Black people are not being included in the clinical trial because of bias and she's angry that Will won't do anything about it.

Maggie warns Nat to be careful with Marcel. Later, Charles has a session with Maggie, who says she's a Lockwood woman and handles things herself.

The meditation session does not go well. Susan hangs up because Charles won't give her her way and she insists he thinks his job is more important than hers.

Nat tells Marcel she needs space to figure things out.

Marcel seems down and says he has to take care of a personal matter.  Noah says he can take care of Coleman himself.

Noah has a nurse fill a syringe and goes to get some sutures, turning his back. Coleman injects himself with the syringe. He crashes. Choi comes in and insists Noah try to revive him. Coleman dies.

Choi tells  Noah to walk him through from the beginning. Noah says he set down the syringe and went to grab the suture. Choi says set down within arm's reach of a suicidal patient who knew how to use it. Noah says go ahead and write me up. Choi says you didn't make a mistake. You did this on purpose, what were you thinking? Noah says Coleman had the right to die on his own terms. They argue. Choi says he's telling the cops what Noah did.

Charles comes to see Sharon. He asks for a family attorney referral. Sharon does. Charles doesn't want to go down this route but he has no choice. He says it was a big adjustment but now he and Anna are in a routine. Sharon knows how he feels. She cooks for Michael and he does the dishes. Anyway he would like Peter's number.

April talks to Doris who says Will ordered fluids for Booker. Will says look the initial test was wrong so he can join the trial. April is appreciative. Will thanks her instead. He leaves and Noah comes in. April asks what's wrong.

Doris gets a call. It's Ben. It's bad news apparently but Maggie says she'll be fine. Augie's DNA didn't turn up any relatives. Doris says Maggie is the strongest woman she knows. Maggie says she's not invincible.

April tries to reason with Choi. Choi insists Noah should have thought about the consequences. April says it is an act of compassion and not worth destroying everything Noah has worked for. Choi doesn't want to lie to the police. April begs him.

Atwater asks Choi if there's anything else he should know. Choi says no. Atwater says they're good and walks off. Choi goes in and tells Noah he's fired. April tries to intervene. Choi won't listen.

Maggie goes to talk to Charles who is eating chocolate. She tells him she got some bad news. But it's fine. It's going to be fine. She tells him she thinks she wears her strength like a badge of honor, passed down from all the women in her family. She feels afraid of letting anyone down.

Noah says he doesn't want to fight this because he doesn't want to lie. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for him. April has always had his back and always been responsible for him. April asks what now? He says he can get a residency in Atlanta easily. He'll be back and maybe later work for Coleman's clinic and pick up where he left off. April is sad as she hugs him.

Anna comes up to Charles. She needs to talk to him. The lawyer comes up to him but Charles says he'll call him tomorrow. Anna decides not to talk to him.

Michael meets Sharon in the parking lot. He doesn't want to fight with her. She says she'll miss him. Michael is shocked that's what this is about. He hugs her. He says he will miss her too. Quarantining with her hasn't been so bad. He will be by plenty.

Nat comes to see Marcel. She says she didn't need space about him. She was worried about what people would think about them but she doesn't want this to end. Another woman shows up. She's Marcel's ex. She sold her house and came by to drop things off. Claire says she was just getting ready to leave. Nat hightails it out of there.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

This is what Michael does. He makes impulsive decisions. I'm all for him getting back on his feet but the ground's got to be sturdy.


Will: Exciting day.
Doctor Veronie: I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed walking in here after all these months.
Will: Yeah I know. Finally feels like we're approaching the other side of this.